Strategies To Expand & Accelerate Your Dynamics AX Business

Does your Microsoft Dynamics AX business face the problem of: (1) Capacity constraints, lacking dedicated resources OR (2) Low efficiency and profitability on projects?

You are not alone. These problems are common among Microsoft Dynamics AX Partners and can severely impact your business.

Capacity & Limited Resources Constraints

Struggling with Capacity Constraints or Lack of Dedicated Resources seems to be part of the course these days. First, it is hard to find and keep Microsoft Dynamics AX specialists on staff. Second, Partners often experience unstable projects workloads - it is like a roller coaster, which makes it difficult to have the right people at the right time without having too many employees with free capacity.

As a result, Partners are limited to commit to new projects, such as upgrades, and scale their business. In addition, because of the above mentioned resourcing challenges, partners often cannot allow themselves to dedicate people to specific areas, as an example people that would solely focus on upgrades.

Therefore, when new specific AX development (like upgrade) projects are undertaken, it is hard for Partners to achieve the highest efficiency in implementing such projects as Partners do not have deep expertise in this area.

Low Efficiency & Profitability on Upgrade Projects

This brings us to our second dilemma, Dynamics AX Partners face low efficiency and profitability of Dynamics AX development and upgrade projects. Working on only a few upgrade projects a year makes it hard for Partners to rationalize or justify the investment into their staff’s competence development in upgrades. Nor is a rational investment made in developing intelligent tools that could speed the development/upgrade process to make projects more profitable.

Imagine the possibility of keeping your resources fully utilized while still accepting new projects so you don’t miss out on profitable opportunities. With 1ClickFactory services, you can make this a reality.

An AX Engine that Accelerates & Optimizes

1ClickFactory’s Microsoft Dynamics AX Services Engine helps Partners to overcome those challenges and accelerate your Microsoft Dynamics AX business:

  • Scale with No Limits: Partners can expand capacity using our upgrade and development services and therefore increase your Dynamics AX business. Access our highly experienced resources whenever you need to balance your workload and scale.
  • Increase Existing Customer Business: 1ClickFactory provides full-concept upgrades that will help you to increase your efficiency not only in development area, but also in upgrade demand generation – sales & marketing concepts and toolkits as well as cost efficient automated upgrade service tools. This full-concept upgrades approach speeds up upgrades and makes upgrades more cost efficient, while providing business and technical training to enhance your Dynamics AX competency.
  • Upgrade Subscription to Retain Customers and Enjoy Reoccurring Revenue: 1ClickFactory has developed an AX Upgrade Subscription Service - an intelligent solution for Partners that helps keep your Dynamics AX customers always up-to-date and happy, enjoying predictable recurring revenue from upgrade service subscriptions.
  • Higher Productivity: at 1ClickFactory, we have focused expertise in upgrades. We have a dedicated upgrade team and constantly invest in developing intelligent tools that automate the most time consuming parts of an upgrade – as a result Partners can experience smooth and cost efficient fixed price upgrades.
  • Reduced Risk: 1ClickFactory guarantees fixed-price quotes for upgrade and development projects that reduce Dynamics AX Partners’ risk, which is a strong advantage when selling upgrades to your customers.
  • FREE Upgrade Assessment: it saves Dynamics AX Partners time, eliminating the time spent analyzing technical upgrades and budgeting upgrade costs for your customers. In addition, it is basically a free trial - Partners can test our upgrade services by getting a FREE assessment without any investment.
  • Enhanced Solutions/ IP: 1ClickFactory can help Dynamics AX Partners develop or enhance your industry solutions while you still taking ownership of these solutions. It will enable Partners to deliver solutions to market faster.

Expand & Accelerate AX Business

Limited capacity and low profitability are no longer excuses for limiting your AX business. With the help of 1ClickFactory’s Microsoft Dynamics AX Services Engine you can expand, accelerate and scale your business without adding expensive development resources to your payroll.

Plus with 1ClickFactory’s fixed-price guarantee for upgrade and development projects there is low risk and high reward to upgrade all your Dynamics AX customers to the latest version. What are you waiting for? Try 1ClickFactory’s Microsoft Dynamics AX Services Engine for FREE with a FREE Quote today!

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