Why is Automated Testing Important for Microsoft Dynamics Partners?

Frequent changes in Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions require regular testing, such as:

  • Semi-annual Dynamics 365 Business Central major version delivery cycle:
    Major Dynamics 365 Business Central updates usually introduce Breaking Changes that have a high probability of breaking customer solutions. Major releases are mandatory for SaaS customers. Therefore, customer solutions must be tested before each update to ensure business continuity. Automated testing helps to identify functional issues in the early stages before they become problematic so that they can be fixed on time.
  • Growing dependence on third-party applications:
    In addition to major version updates in Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS, solutions that are dependent on third-party apps can receive Breaking Changes with any upcoming update of the third-party apps.
  • Rolling out frequent changes:
    Developing automated tests before new functionality is implemented helps to automatically test the solution during the release and ensures better quality code.

Why Choose Automated Testing Instead of Manual Testing for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Manual tests are time-consuming and prone to human error, and therefore do not make sense economically anymore given the frequency of updates to Dynamics 365 Business Central. A one-time investment to create automated tests enables the use of tests an unlimited number of times which contributes to a higher quality solution.

The Benefits of Automated Testing for Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Gain confidence in rapidly changing software. Run tests to make sure the upcoming Dynamics 365 Business Central version releases don’t break current custom functionality or your latest changes do not impact overall customer requirements.
  • Support continuous delivery. Synchronize tests with continuous integration processes and conduct tests regularly during the development process to ensure problems are spotted and rectified early.
  • Reduce time to delivery. Save time with automated tests as they are much faster to execute compared to manual testing.
  • Ensure quality and consistency. Benefit from consistent automated test results and processes. Run tests before shipping the software to ensure Dynamics 365 Business Central solution quality.
  • Increase ROI with automated test usage. Conducting automated tests has no cost, therefore your ROI increases with each use of the automated tests.
  • Comply with Microsoft’s requirements. Successfully publish apps on the Microsoft AppSource by passing mandatory automated tests.
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A Dynamics 365 Business Central Automated Test Example

1ClickFactory automated tests are developed as a separate Extension, dependent on a tested solution. It consists of 3 parts:

  • Initial data setup of the tested solution
  • Scripted manual test scenario
  • Expected test result comparison

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A Dynamics 365 Business Central Automated Test Example
Prerequisites for Dynamics 365 Business Central Automated Tests

Prerequisites for Dynamics 365 Business Central Automated Tests

In order to start leveraging 1ClickFactory’s Automated Test Development service, Dynamics Partners need to provide:

  • Solution test scenarios in the form of a document video*.
  • The test database to go through the scenarios.

*To help Dynamics Partners with test scenarios, 1ClickFactory provides access to a Cloud environment with the ClickLearn application which enables the recording of the scenario and generates a document for it. After that, 1ClickFactory validates the submitted test scenario and provides a fixed price proposal for Automated Test Development.

Having trouble with the prerequisites for Automated Test Development? A technical consultation is available! Get in touch for more information.

Outcome of Dynamics 365 Business Central Automated Tests

The Automated Test Development deliverable is an Extension with automated test Codeunits, that can be run on a custom solution deployed on a standard Cronus database. This way Dynamics Partners do not need to worry about having a specific configuration in place in order for the automated tests to be reliable.

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Outcome of Dynamics 365 Business Central Automated Tests

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