Dynamics Partners can purchase a detailed C/AL to Extension Analyzer report even for the most complex solution now for 499 EUR.

Reduce the manual effort required to identify a list of conflicts to transform your C/AL solution to the Extension

The C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report saves developers time by eliminating tedious manual code analysis. The report automatically identifies a finite list of conflicts, indicates the exact conflict location in the object and provides resolution recommendations. The report validates the solution against 90% of C/AL to Extension limitations.

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List of conflicts and limitations
Closest available publisher

Easily plan and structure your C/AL to AL conversion tasks

The C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report provides the closest available publishers to move the code into Events. The report includes the proximity to the closest available publisher within the version. This helps to evaluate the confidence level of moving the code to Events, whether the code can or cannot be moved, or whether it needs to be reviewed.

Use a structured backlog items list to scope the project requirements

The C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report is a powerful scoping and planning tool that shows resolution complexity, recommends transition steps and indicates in which step to resolve the conflict. It helps developers to evaluate the overall complexity, effort and scope of transitioning to an AL Extension and figure out how to move forward - whether to rewrite the code completely, upgrade or reimplement the solution.

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Project planning and scoping for C/AL to AL transition

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eliminating errors when moving to BC extensions

Elimination of human errors  

time saving in moving to extensions

Time saving in conflict identification

NAV add on transition to extension

Verified with 200+ Dynamics NAV solution transformations

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