Access the knowledge base for the optimal solution transition to extensions

Since the extensions technology was released, 1ClickFactory has supported over 200 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution transformations and has accumulated a solid knowledge base for the optimal solution transition to extensions. This knowledge base is used for the C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report and made instantly available to the participating Microsoft Dynamics Partners. Microsoft Dynamics Partners can take advantage of the in-depth solution analysis that automatically identifies a finite list of conflicts and eliminates exposure to human error, while also benefitting from conflict resolution advice based on tried and tested 1ClickFactory best practices.


save on presales

Discover transition to extension costs and reduce presales effort

C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report allows Microsoft Dynamics Partners and their customers to effectively manage the budget required for the transition and evaluates the risks of the transition as it estimates how long it may take to resolve the identified conflicts. Armed with this information, Microsoft Dynamics Partners can confidently demonstrate the best path forward for customer solutions which are not on the AL extension. With the C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report, Microsoft Dynamics Partners will discover how much work is involved in the transition, put a reliable customer proposal together in just 1 day and inform customers of the time and cost involved in the transition to extensions. Think it sounds too good to be true? Upload your solution now on the 1ClickFactory business portal to obtain your C/AL to Extensions Analyzer Report.

Reduce manual efforts for the transition to extension

The C/AL to Extension Analyzer saves developer’s time by eliminating tedious manual code analysis and allows them to focus on more creative aspects of work. The report facilitates the developer’s tasks as it also indicates the exact conflict location and provides resolution recommendations, therefore developers can start working on resolving the issues straight away. The report validates the solution against 90% C/AL to extension limitations. It is a powerful scoping and planning tool that enables partners to either scope and execute the transition to extensions in-house or adequately prepare to outsource the task.

reduce manual effort

Effectively plan every step of transition to extension project


Minimize the risk of the conversion step

The report helps to understand what can be solved in C/AL and AL coding languages without the need for time consuming research. By obtaining the report, partners can complete some tasks in advance in the C/AL as a preparation to make the actual transition step much easier. In this way, the the exposure to unprecedented risks will be greatly reduced.

clean up the solution


Clean up the solution

Certain complex solutions with a lot of modifications may have code that is no longer in use. The report identifies conflicts related to unused code and recommends removing them. Cleaning up the code before the transition is beneficial as it reduces the scope of tasks when moving to extensions and as a result reduces the costs.

data driven decisions


Make data-driven decisions

The report identifies and categorizes conflict resolution complexity. Based on the report findings, partners can evaluate the overall complexity of transitioning to an extension. This brings certainty on how to move forward and partners can decide whether they want to rewrite the code completely, upgrade or reimplement the solution.

How to get your hands on a C/AL to Extensions Report?

The C/AL to Extensions Analyzer is an automated self-service that partners can use independently on the 1ClickFactory business portal. Price of full C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report depends on the complexity of the analyzed solution.

To find out exact pricing, please download C/AL to Extensions Analyzer Pricing document from the table below.

C/AL to Extension Analyzer Overview is free of charge!
It summarizes the analysis findings: shows conflicts found to transition to an extension and the total estimated hours to resolve the conflicts is proposed.

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eliminating errors when moving to BC extensions

Elimination of human errors  

time saving in moving to extensions

Time saving in conflict identification

NAV add on transition to extension

Verified with 200+ Dynamics NAV solution transformations

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