Move to the web to expand your reach

Want to become more present on the web? Choose 1ClickFactory's WebServices - we help our partners become more visible and reachable by developing cloud-ready website based on the latest technologies for:

Backend: .NET Framework and .NET Core

Frontend: Angular 2+, RxJS, Redux, TypeScript

Get additional value by integrating websites with Microsoft Dynamics ERP products as well as Sitecore and Umbraco content management systems, both of which allow our partners to become web-enabled. 

Why 1ClickFactory?

  • Experience is everything: Our team has a long history of the development of enterprise-ready websites on Sitecore and specialized Umbraco websites (learn more from Case Stories). Given this experience, we can propose the most scalable and efficient solutions.
  • Strong background in web solutions development: Our strong technical background (plus knowledge proven by Microsoft Certifications) in web technologies makes a good match to deliver highly professional solutions. We are here to help you if you need any assistance with:

Backend technologies: .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server.

Frontend technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including Angular 2+, RxJS, Redux, TypeScript).

  • Agile process: We use the Agile approach in our development process. Not only it allows to create business value in an iterative way, but also enables us to collect feedback and respond to it in a shorter timespan.
  • Cloud computing: If you would like to become more scalable and less infrastructure-dependant, we can provide you with 1ClickFactory expertise on Microsoft Azure platform (where this very website is already running) and its features such as Cloud Services, Azure Storage, App Services.
  • Automated development tools to speed your project: We use automated tools for development and testing to ensure faster delivery that enables our partners to become more agile to respond to new business opportunities.
  • Usability:  We produce fast-loading and simple yet attractive user interfaces that match your business, brand, and identity. We design and develop SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly websites to bring in organic traffic.
  • SEO and Analytics:

Information architecture:  We will assess your existing and needed content, organize the pages, develop navigational structure and build a sitemap of your content that is necessary before starting design and development stages.

Conversion optimization: How many visitors does your website convert into leads? We can help you increase this number by optimizing your conversion through forms that capture information and tracking of results.

  • Project Management: 30%-70% of web development projects fail to be delivered on time and on budget, due to both poor project management and changes in scope. We can support you with proven project management resources focused on delivering successful project after successful project.
  • Professional support: We provide partners with technical assistance to resolve warranty and non-warranty issues that keep your solutions on track and running smoothly.

Additional services

  • CMS Integrations: Do you want to manage information on your website easier? We can give you a hand by adding Sitecore or Umbraco Content Management Systems and developing the needed functionality too
  • ERP Integrations: Is there a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system which you would like to connect to the website? We will be glad to help
  • Sitecore Upgrade Service: Do you have a website with an older Sitecore installation? Our Sitecore Upgrade Service is a right fit for you. Please read more here.

What have created already?

  • Multilanguage ASP.NET website (eShop) with Sitecore CMS, running on different devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones), monitored by NewRelic tool.
  • Multilanguage website taking content from Sitecore and integrated with SAP.
  • Angular 2+ website hosted on Microsoft Azure, taking content from Umbraco CMS, sending and getting data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.
  • Azure based solution for converting invoice documents. Website is only a smart part. It also includes Cloud Services running on Microsoft Azure and Windows Services running on clients’ machines.
  • ASP.NET Core based website running on Azure for managing employees data.
  • JavaScript based solution which allows to display data in NAV client.
  • .NET based solution for taking time registrations from Jira system to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Includes website for viewing synchronization logs.

Please take a look at more case stories.

Why partner with 1ClickFactory?

We'll provide you with standardized, easy-to-use and automated web development services and help you:

  • Increase project profitability by tapping into our expert resources and efficient tools.
  • Reduce project risk with fixed price engagements and "a second set of eyes" approach to scoping projects.

How do I start?

Contact your 1ClickFactory local office or request a free consultation to get started today! We'll be in touch with you to setup a short 1-hour call to discuss and assess your needs.