1ClickFactory has served as an outsourced software development resource for Microsoft Dynamics 365/NAV Partners around the world since 2009. Our team at 1ClickFactory has executed more than 100 successful development projects for Partners and ISVs remotely to date. We develop customizations, integrations, add-ons and extensions. The key to executing successful development projects remotely lies in our methodology and team model.

1ClickFactory's Add-on to Extension Data Migration ToolData is the cornerstone of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, so when it comes to data migration, it is important to get it right. Add-on data migration is a structured, step-by-step procedure, that needs to be planned, including the development of the required Add-on data migration tool.

To develop the tool, the old solution’s data must be mapped to the new solution’s data. Given that the Add-on structure in C/AL and Extension in AL are significantly different, data migration tool development takes a lot of practice and mastering the learning curve can double the time it takes.

To take this development off your plate and to save time for Microsoft Dynamics Partners, 1ClickFactory offers an Add-on to Extension Data Migration Tool development service. Having completed over 600 data migrations, 1ClickFactory are experts in the field.We develop Add-on data migration tools in C/AL and in the AL coding language and help Dynamics Partners to successfully migrate all Add-on data from any Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central version to the chosen version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Migrate all your add-on data with peace:
  • High performance, low cost
    For the Add-on data migration tool development, 1ClickFactory uses ready-made scripts and automation tools that speeds up the process and optimizes the issues. This helps increase accuracy, guarantees no data is lost during the migration process, and results in significantly reduced costs for the Dynamics Partner.
  • Reduced risk
    1ClickFactory provides a fully tested, warrantee-assured Add-on data migration tool which enables Dynamics Partners to retain existing customers by efficiently showing them the upgrade path.
  • Increased scalability
    With 1ClickFactory’s Add-on to Extension Data Migration Tool, Dynamics Partners can migrate as many existing customers to a new version as possible and minimize version-tailored consultations.

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Add-on to Extension Data Migration Tool service deliverables:

  • The documentation with full instructions on how to use newly developed Add-on migration tools, as well as all the other Microsoft-required steps that the Dynamics Partner needs to accomplish during the data migration.
  • Data migration tool executables (.fob or .app files).
  • Data migration tool source codes.
  • SQL and PowerShell scripts.
  • Fully migrated Add-on test database.



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