1ClickFactory has served as an outsourced software development resource for Microsoft Dynamics Partners around the world since 2009. The 1ClickFactory Team has executed more than 100 successful remote development projects for Dynamics Partners and ISVs to date. The key to executing successful development projects remotely, lies in our robust methodology and knowledgeable team.

Why use 1ClickFactory for your Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform development projects?

Development project methodology

The methodology we use at 1ClickFactory for successful development is structured on these key deliverables:

  • Functional Requirements
  • Architecture and Design Workshops
  • Fit-gap Analysis
  • Solution Design Documents
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Process Setup
  • Weekly Status or Sprint Statuses
  • Online Interaction & Problem Solving
  • Robust Testing
  • Delivery Meeting(s)

Agile development services

To meet the unique needs of each customer, we offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power Platform Development Services through an agile model with a set budget.

The key to successful development projects is clear communication and processes to ensure that all parties working on the project understand the what, how, why, whom and when at all times. Outsourcing requires some communication overhead. Unfortunately, communication overhead tends to increase as a percentage on smaller sized development projects. To address this, 1ClickFactory has developed a unique interaction model, based on a development and test environment setup, as well as templates for describing specifications in a structured way to combat the rising expense of communication with these structured templates/processes.

Your full-service development team

To best meet your needs, we compile a team of experts that includes a technical lead, a project manager, and a mix of developers and technical consultants with various expertise to align the right resources at the right price for your ongoing project(s). As a best practice, all communication with your 1ClickFactory development team is filtered through your technical lead and your project manager.


Deliverables, code and documentation

Typical deliveries consist of a CRM solutions, source code and technical documentation, in English. If agreed as part of the project, user documentation, in English, can also be provided.

Strong technological background

We have a wealth of knowledge that’s proven by Microsoft Certifications. Our experienced Developers and  Consultants, that work as an extension of your team, are all certified Microsoft Dynamics, Power Platform specialists and are fluent in English.

We are here to help you with:

  • Dynamics 365 CRM/CE Business Applications: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing.
  • Functional Areas: Dataverse, Model-driven apps, Canvas apps, Power Automate and RPA, Azure Logic Apps, Power Apps portals, Integrations with ERP and other systems. , .
  • Technologies: .NET Framework, JavaScript, TypeScript, Power Fx, North52, Resco.
  • Data Management: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) with KingswaySoft, Dataflows

What are you waiting for? Start your development project for Dynamics CRM and Power Platform today!

You now have the resources required to start your Dynamics CRM and Power Platform development project today! Don’t miss your opportunity to utilize the reliable Dynamics CRM and Power Platform technical development expertise you need, without the hefty price tag of a full-time development team. Simply contact your 1ClickFactory local office or request a service to get started today!


1ClickFactory can also offer you related technical consulting for topics like:

  • Development / Architecture.
  • Governance / Application Lifecycle Management set-up.

Our typical engagements would be:

  • Modeling and therefore scoping specific scenarios (licensing, development effort).
  • Architectural solutions, their pros, and cons to solve the specific scenario.
  • Assistance to solve specific technical questions.


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