Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS is a platform that allows partners to scale easier, by reducing implementation time and maintenance costs. However, it takes away the possibility to control update cycles and the partner becomes dependent on Microsoft hot fixes and major product version releases. To stay on Business Central SaaS, a partner needs to keep their per tenant extension(s) and AppSource (solutions) up to date with monthly updates and twice a year major releases. This leads to unpredictable workload and big overhead for partners to maintain the solutions in Business Central SaaS.

We can take your overhead of maintaining solutions with Extension Maintenance service, which would include:

  • Running compilation test with every major version and hotfix release from Microsoft.
  • Running automated tests provided by the partner with every major version and hotfix release from Microsoft.
  • Solving technical conflicts to make the solution compile and successfully pass all automated tests. In the event there are any issues that require functional redesign of the solution we would approach the partner with suggested options of how to proceed with the solution roadmap.
  • Deploying the solution on AppSource or implementing it in customer tenant.

1ClickFactory Extension Maintenance service is applicable for both ISV solutions on the AppSource and per tenant extension on your customer sandbox.

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