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How to Upgrade Sitecore with Custom Components

Upgrading Sitecore is easy! Upgrading custom developed code in the Sitecore can be more challenging. 
Sitecore is well known for being "easy to upgrade". This is absolutely true for its base code. Sitecore comes with 2 packages for upgrading - 1 for Database and 1 for Code. Using the built-in wizards, you can perform changes to the configuration files and *presto* you are ready to go with a new version. 
Easy enough. Especially if you did not build custom external components.

Let‘s meet at NAVUG‘s Summit EMEA 2017 in Amsterdam

It’s our pleasure to announce that we are participating in the NAVUG’s Summit EMEA 2017 event in Amsterdam, Netherlands on April 4, 2017. Summit EMEA is a peer-to-peer focused conference that educates and empowers Microsoft Dynamics NAV users. At this year’s event, 1ClickFactory, the leading Microsoft Dynamics upgrade factory in the world with 400+ upgrades performed, will deliver a detailed, instructional session to Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers: Smarter Options and Methods for Your Next Upgrade!

Is Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV Better for SMBs?

Microsoft’s Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has become an integral part of business today. It provides businesses with the tools they need to connect and manage their people and processes as well as with the insight to make smarter decisions. Dynamics is designed to easily adapt as businesses grow and business needs change, with Dynamics NAV for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) or Dynamics AX for enterprise, global organizations.

Each new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers a variety of features and functions that are much more powerful and faster in their performance, but are usually accompanied with greater requirements. Given this, the newer versions of Dynamics AX may seem too powerful and complex for smaller companies to upgrade to and maintain.

This puts SMBs with an outdated Dynamics AX solution in a rather difficult situation—on the one hand, upgrading to the newer versions of AX may be too large and complicated, while on the other hand, remaining on an older version of AX could lead them to deterioration, a loss of competitiveness and a reliance upon an unsupported Microsoft product (e.g. AX 2009 & earlier versions).

As suspected, in these situations SMBs will naturally begin to look for other opportunities to enhance their ERP capabilities.

Accelerate Your Dynamics Business with the New 1ClickFactory Website

Have you ever wondered what features an online platform should have to best contribute to your Dynamics Business success? Is it simplicity? Speed? Responsiveness? Or a wide range of features?

Working on our new website, we tried put ourselves into our Partners shoes and focus on their needs. And now we’re glad to introduce our brand new 1ClickFactory website!