Recently, 1ClickFactory together with Microsoft hosted an executive briefing webinar on: “Partner opportunities and strategies for moving customers to the new Dynamics AX”. During the webinar, Søren Fink-Jensen, the CEO of 1ClickFactory, and Pepijn Richter, Director, ERP Product Marketing at Microsoft, shared useful insights on tools that will help Partners simplify their upgrade processes in transition to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX has helped to overcome the challenges faced by Dynamics AX ERP users enabling them to make smarter decisions faster with access to the real-time insights on any device and in any place. Not to mention, it is the first Cloud enabled product version to date that will be updated and maintained continuously, without the need for companywide downtime during cumulative updates or waiting for the latest version to take advantage of the newest exciting features and functionality.

Discover more new features and functionalities added to the new Dynamics AX.

Still Hesitant on Moving to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX?

As introduced by Pepijn Richter during the executive briefing, Microsoft will soon be releasing Dynamics AX TCO (total cost of ownership) calculator available to Partners worldwide. The calculator is designed to address Partners’ doubts about migrating to the cloud by providing measurable ROI in order to create transparency into the total cost and the total return for the available Dynamics AX deployment options.

It is likely that Microsoft will release (announce) the TCO calculator at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 in Toronto, Canada, next week; more specifically in session “CE124 Optimize your services with enterprise cloud ERP from Microsoft” lead by Myra-Bella Prins, AXtension bv; Nico Tissink, AXtension; and Pepijn Richter, Microsoft.

Ready to use the Dynamics AX TCO Calculator NOW?

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