By now, you probably have had a conversation with your existing Dynamics NAV customers about their digital transformation, and you might even have a strategy in place on what it would take for them to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

We at 1ClickFactory not only strongly believe in the cloud, but also think Microsoft Dynamics Partners who don’t encourage their customers to start transitioning to the cloud, are putting themselves - and their customers - at risk.

In this post, we will be diving into the options available when moving your customers to Microsoft Azure with 1ClickFactory’s self-service hosting platform. If you are more of the listening type, here is the 'all ears' version (condensed for your hearing pleasure) of the interview with 5 1ClickFactory CEE Partners.

1ClickFactory’s self-provisioning is a hosting platform developed for Microsoft Dynamics Partners to deploy their Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central customers on Microsoft Azure. Different Microsoft Dynamics Partners are choosing the platform for a number of reasons (customers solutions are too big or heavily customized and therefore not ready for Dynamics Business Central SaaS, localization is not available, etc.), but here are the primary reasons that 5 different Microsoft Dynamics Partners from  CEE countries used 1ClickFactory while deploying customers on Azure:

10 Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics Partners Use 1ClickFactory to Host Their Dynamics 365 Business Central Customers on Azure:

  1. Easy to set-up and use self-provisioning platform.  Have you ever heard the claim “It is so easy and intuitive even a marketing person could actually do it”? Yes, this is what our Microsoft Dynamics Partner shared as feedback of 1ClickFactory’s self-provisioning platform. It’s so easy to use, you don’t have to have a technical background to start using it to migrate customers to cloud.
  2. No more headaches when maintaining hosting infrastructure. Are you tired of assuring the SLA, monitoring the performance, taking care of automatic backups and maintaining the hosting infrastructure itself? Our Microsoft Dynamics Partners are more than happy to give away that work to 1ClickFactory!
  3. 1ClickFactory takes care of technical nuances so that you can focus on primary business. By hosting customers on 1ClickFactory’s self-provisioning platform, you can make sure you keep the focus on what you are best at – consultancy and ERP implementation (and let’s be honest, that’s where your biggest profits are!).
  4. Support. Something that we hear often is: “Your support is simply incredible!”. We try hard to make sure the deployment process goes as smooth as possible. You can count on us to have your back when you need it. The best part about our support is: it comes for free!
  5. More than 100 highly skilled Dynamics 365 professionals behind the scenes. No matter what questions you have, if it is Dynamics related (deploying the solution, upgrading, selling, marketing etc.), 1ClickFactory’s expert team will have an answer to it.
  6. Subscription-based fixed pricing. Are your customers reaching out to ask for subscription-based, fixed pricing so that they can easily predict the investment needed? And this is exactly how 1ClickFactory’s pricing works, to make it as easy as possible for you and your customers! 
  7. Steady revenue stream for a Microsoft Dynamics partner. Having a steady revenue stream reaching your bank account every month is essential for your peace of mind. Especially during the pandemic. Or after the pandemic. Or… never mind, always!
  8. Provides the possibility to reach out to customer with two alternative cloud-based proposals. Behavioral psychologists claim that you increase your chances of closing a deal by addressing the customer with two comparable offers. The experience of our Microsoft Dynamics Partners supports this: if the customer has to choose between the two very similar options – upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS or Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises hosting with 1ClickFactory self-provisioning – they are much more likely to make the decision (which is to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central).  
  9. It is a great option for customers not ready for SaaS.  Is your customer solution too heavily modified? Developing the solution as an extension is an option, yet sometimes it can be very time-consuming. Our experience with  Microsoft Dynamics Partners shows that it is far less risky to move customers to 1ClickFactory’s self-provisioning platform first so that they get used to the idea of the cloud and can start to experience the benefits of the cloud today.
  10. It is a great option for markets with no Dynamics Business Central SaaS version available. If you are operating in a country where there is no Dynamics 365 Business Central version available, you shouldn’t wait to start moving customers to the cloud. Follow the example other Microsoft Dynamics Partners from CEE have taken: “No localization available? No problem, let’s move the customers to 1ClickFactory’s platform and upgrade to SaaS when it is here!”

There is more than one option available for you to move your customers to the cloud, and our Microsoft Dynamics partners believe that choosing 1ClickFactory is a great one. Whatever route you decide to take, scaling the business is the most important benefit of the cloud. We encourage you to start building your repeatable business practice now, and we would be more than happy to provide you with support by sharing the knowledge and experience we have gathered after working with more than 160 Microsoft Dynamics Partners and 1600 customers worldwide so far.

If you are looking for the solution to host your Dynamics NAV/Business Central customers on Microsoft Azure, contact us at