We’re delighted to announce the news of our latest award from Microsoft, which honors us with the 2018 Microsoft Lithuania Partner Excellence Award as Cloud Ambassadors. This designation was awarded to us at the regional Microsoft Days recognizing 1ClickFactory for our breakthrough and rapid growth in cloud technologies and services, which is testament to the enormous effort and huge investment we have made into developing proprietary cloud solutions and services, such as our Self-Service Provisioning for Dynamics 365/NAV on Azure.

We’re honored to receive the Microsoft’s 2018 Partner Excellence Award. It’s a credit to our hardworking team who always go above and beyond to provide the best cloud solutions and services that save our Partners time and money, so that they can pass this value on to their customers while delivering a superior solution,” shares Soren Fink-Jensen, CEO at 1ClickFactory.

Nowadays many Microsoft Dynamics partners are going through strategic transformation to Cloud-first businesses and are in search for solutions to easily and efficiently transition their customers’ Dynamics NAV solutions to the Cloud. In order to make a successful transition, they need a reliable hosting provider.

As experts in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 1ClickFactory has developed powerful Self-Provisioning for Dynamics 365/Dynamics NAV on Azure service. This enables our partners to confidently deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Azure to their customers, quickly and seamlessly.

Speed is one of the most important factors when choosing a hosting provider. At 1ClickFactory, we can deploy Dynamics 365 on Azure in 1 hour or less. There are many other reasons why Microsoft Partners enjoy 1ClickFactory Self-Provisioning services. If we had to name the top 4 reasons, they would be:

  1. Expertise in both Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365. We have performed 400 NAV and Azure installations and are one of the largest hosting providers for Dynamics 365 on Azure around the globe. With 400+ Dynamics NAV upgrades we have the know-how to transition even the most unique solution on Azure.
  2. Straightforward platform usage and clear pricing. We implement Dynamics 365 on Azure in 1 hour or even less, with you being the sole master of your implementations. You can perform all customer modifications, import new objects, add DLL add-ins, add new users easily yourself. But know we are here when you need us! Our pricing is simple, leaving no room for any surprises or extra fees.
  3. Guaranteed NAV on Azure availability. With 1ClickFactory Self-Provisioning services, your NAV solution on Azure will have a 99.9% uptime guaranteed. To help you feel more confident, within one week of the release our Self-Provisioning platform will be updated to the latest Dynamics 365 CU and up-to-date Microsoft Azure services.
  4. Your security is our top priority. Microsoft Azure puts a huge emphasis on data security and privacy protection. Adding to Microsoft’s robust Azure security, we enforce strict security policies on our Self-Provisioning for NAV on Azure platform, to guarantee that your Dynamics NAV data is locked down from any cyber threats, security attacks and/or data breaches.

Let us share our wealth of experience to help you to solve the issues that are affecting your Dynamics practice and your customers. Contact us today to see how we, the Microsoft 2018 Excellence Award Partner as Cloud Ambassadors, can lead the way to profitability, resources and productivity in the cloud.