From RDLC to Word: Simple steps to create Word layout 

In the previous blog post, I shared how to speed up your Classic to RDLC reports transformation by using the FREE Express version of 1ClickFactory’s Classic to RDLC report transformation tool. In this post I will use the same example, show how you can easily create a word layout from RDLC, also how to get a report with both RDLC and Word layouts.

Step #1: Create Word layout

We will create a Word layout by running the report and saving its result to Word.

  • Run report 5055 Contact – Cover Sheet from NAV development environment.
  • Choose to print it to Word. 


  • Now copy the contents from the first page and paste it into the Word layout.
  • Select contents in the first page.


  • Now go back to NAV 2015 development environment and open the design of report 5055.
  • Go to report properties and set WordMergeDataItem to Contact. This part is very important to do before inserting the new Word layout.


  • From the tools menu, choose Word Layout > New.


  • After the blank Word layout is inserted in report object, choose Tools > Word Layout > Export, and enter the file name where it should be exported.
  • Open the exported file in Word, and paste the layout from the earlier Word file.
  • Paste the content from the earlier Word document’s first page.


  • Open the XML mapping window.
  • Choose dataset namespace in Custom XML Part. 


  • Replace the text with contact controls.


  • Save the Word file, and test how it looks when used in Word Layout.

Step #2: Test Word Layout

  • From NAV 2015 report design, choose Tools > Word Layout > Import, and select the saved Word document.


  • Save the report and run it from the development environment.
  • Press Preview on the request page.
  • Notice the Word message that pops up.

  • Enjoy the result :)


A Happy Ending

In these two blog posts, we shared an example of how to upgrade a Classic report to NAV 2015 for free and with a functioning RDLC layout. By running the RDLC report and saving to Word, we were able to create a Word template for the report‘s Word layout design. We then replaced text with content controls and ended up with a report with both RDLC and Word layouts. Now end users can tweak the design of the report in their favorite program: Word.

Good luck in your transformation journey!

Author of the post: 1ClickFactory Associate Paulius Grigas.