More than 5 years ago Microsoft released RTC client causing the need of Classic Reports to be transformed into RDLC. 1ClickFactory Code Transformation Classic Reports to RDLC service for NAV already helped to transform more than 2300 reports for over 130 partners. It saved time, money and even resources in their efforts to rebuild Classic reports as part of their NAV upgrade process or after the upgrade when transforming the remaining objects.

Easy to use

Code Transformation Classic Reports to RDLC is an easy to use self-service that covers:

  • Report analysis before the purchase
  • Automatically generated:
    • Optimized Dataset
    • Layout 1:1
    • Grouping

All you have to do is to fill in the service request form at and follow the instructions provided in the request form.

Classic Reports to RDLC transformation

You will be asked to upload the file with report(s) that needs to be transformed; in 15 minutes the uploaded reports will be analyzed and the file with transformed report(s) will be sent. You can see on-line how much it costs to transform report, as well how much of the layout would be transformed automatically and how much efforts would remain to finalize transformation manually.

Classic Reports to RDLC transformation

Let’s take the final step together

Sometimes, however, the final step can seem a bit overwhelming if you are new to the service or not as familiar with output, Microsoft Visual Studio, or 1ClickFactory add-ins that dramatically ease finalization efforts.

This process may seem daunting to some, but only so for the first time. 1ClickFactory is committed to helping Partners and provides different tools to ease your way through this step. We provide a comprehensive guideline which you can find online, and we always support first time service users with a finalization workshop to make the process even smoother.

Our finalization workshop helps Partners have an easy start with the transformation process, providing step-by-step assistance to clarify and guide Partners through the process. As a result we would finalize the partner’s report. It’s also completely free-of-charge for first-time users.

Get max out of the workshop

To use the finalization session efficiently, we invite Partners to:

  • Pick at least one report object – ideally one with different functionalities to gain experience in fixing multiple aspects of a report
  • Transform report(s) following Guidelines for 1ClickFactory Code Transformation Classic Reports to RDLC for NAV so that more time would be spent on finalization
  • Make sure to be able to access old and new NAV databases with same data during the workshop
  • Be ready to access Visual Studio, rather than Report Builder

No worries—you’re in good hands

The workshop is quite comprehensive in scope and suited to the Partners’ needs, so that all their doubts and queries are eased. Usually Partners express that they were positively surprised after the workshop and that in reality only minimal efforts were required to finalize their reports.

Partners say

"The 1ClickFactory report transformation service is simple and easy to use. Reports are converted quickly, and the time saved versus manually transforming the reports is staggering!" Adrian Akers Touchstone

"The functionality of the Converter with the Export and Import is fine, and the accuracy of how much needs to be done manually is also good. Everything from the registration to the use of your converting service was detailed and self-explaining, and the support was fast." Marc Geörge Sievers Group

Stop sweating reports transformation work – Automate it.