Are You Ready to Offer NAV & Services on Subscription?

ERP on subscription can no longer be referred to as the “new kid on the block” as it has been on the market surprisingly for a few years already. With the recent release of Dynamics NAV on subscription, ERP on subscription is now strongly supported by Microsoft. The challenge with ERP on subscription are the many pieces that we, as Partners, need to have in place to become successful and profitable. 

Gavus ES paramą įgyvendintas projektas: Intelektualios duomenų analizės ir verslo ataskaitų integravimo sistemų naudojant RDL ir DML kalbas moksliniai taikomieji tyrimai ir technologinė plėtra

UAB „1ClickFactory“ įmonė, kuri specializuojasi teikdama verslo valdymų sistemų programinės įrangos vystymo ir naujinimo paslaugas visame pasaulyje, nuo 2013 m. rugsėjo 2 dienos iki 2015 m. rugpjūčio 31 dienos įgyvendino projektą „Intelektualios duomenų analizės ir verslo ataskaitų integravimo sistemų naudojant RDL ir DML kalbas moksliniai taikomieji tyrimai ir technologinė plėtra“.Projekto įgyvendimą rėmė Europos regioninės plėtros fondas (Ekonomikos augimo veiksmų programa, 1 prioritetas “Ūkio konkurencingumui ir ekonomikos augimui skirti moksliniai tyrimai ir technologinė plėtra”, VP-1.3-ŪM-02-K priemonė “Intelektas LT”),projekto kodas Nr. VP2-1.3-8M-02-K-04-028.

Gavus ES paramą įgyvendintas projektas pagal veiksmų programos priemonę „Naujos Galimybės“

UAB „1ClickFactory“, sėkmingai kurianti profesionalius sprendimus „Microsoft Dynamics“ partneriams, nuo 2013 m. lapkričio mėn. iki 2015 m. gegužės mėn. pradžios įgyvendino projektą „1ClickFactory eksporto plėtra“, projekto kodas Nr. VP2-2.1-ŪM-04-K-04-007. Projektas buvo bendrai finansuotas iš Europos regioninės plėtros fondo paramos, teikiamos pagal 2007-2013 m. ekonomikos augimo veiksmų programos 2 prioriteto „VP2-2 Verslo produktyvumo didinimas ir verslo aplinkos gerinimas“ įgyvendinimo VP2-2.1-ŪM-04-K priemonę „Naujos galimybės“.

What Does a Typical Dynamics NAV Cloud Customer Look Like?

A year ago, we launched 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning for Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure Service to help Dynamics Partners quickly, securely implement Dynamics NAV solutions on Microsoft Azure through self-service for their customers, eliminating the risk to Partners. Given the success of this program, we thought it might be helpful for you, the Microsoft Partner, to know more about the basic characteristics of the typical Dynamics NAV Cloud customer.

Marketing by Selling Less

5 Key Facets of Successful Content Marketing

EUR 1400. That is the total amount of money we at 1ClickFactory spent on advertising in 2014 and 2015, even though we were very active in marketing during this time.

During this time, we generated more than 1000 customer leads, were recognized as one of the most innovative software development partners by Microsoft, and reached the highest ever brand awareness in our target markets. A big part of this success belongs to the fact that in 2014, we focused acutely on content marketing as an organization – on marketing by selling less.

Beating the Odds by Focusing on ISV Core Business in the Cloud Era

In the last few years, 1ClickFactory has been a key provider of content and delivery of Microsoft’s Road to Repeatability and Ramp programs that are focused on the transformation of services, products and ultimately businesses from on-premise to cloud.  In those programs, we used economic models to simulate the effects of a transformation process to cloud business to show which economic levers were most important.