1. “Dynamics Partners Live to Upgrade & Re-implement”

Are you dreading the inevitable upgrade versus re-implementation discussion with your AX customers? You are not alone.  It is a common misnomer that all Microsoft Dynamics Partners love to resell services – such as through software upgrades and re-implementations.

The truth is, without dedicated upgrade or re-implementation resources, these projects can be a drain on your capacity and productivity.  Trying to execute these upgrade and re-implementation projects without upgrade tools, methodologies and experienced practitioners, these projects can end up being more costly than profitable.

2. “Upgrades are Diligently Performed”

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth, according to a recent data collected a Convergence 2014, over 90% of Microsoft Dynamics AX customers are running an older version of AX than AX 2012 or AX 2012 R2.  That leaves you with a large reoccurring revenue stream from your existing customer base that know you and love you.

Still aren’t excited about these opportunities? We know why, you must love to re-implement your customers’ AX systems.  But is that really the best use of your time?

3. “Re-implementations of AX Easier”

Many Dynamics AX Partners think re-implementations are easier than upgrades.  The truth is, re-implementations are generally more costly to you and your customers, as well as taking significantly longer. 

Having said that, re-implementations generally provide a more flexible solution to your customers, which also requires a higher level of customer engagement.  In some instances, the re-implementation is the best option for your customer that require an extensive level of customization and flexibility.

4. “Upgrades Are The Only Answer”

While upgrading your Dynamics AX customers to AX 2012 and AX 2012 R2 is the perfect solution for most, especially to provide them with the advantages of shared data, unlimited financial dimensions and centralized payments; in some ways a simple upgrade can be limiting.

There are definitely customers that can benefit from a combined upgrade and re-implementation approach.  These can be determined on a case-by-case basis when evaluating specific circumstances, such as the:

  • Source System Version
  • Database Size & Quality
  • Customization & New Functionality
  • ISV Solutions/3rd Party Integrations

Discussing these factors with your customers can help you make an informed decision on whether a combination approach is the best solution. If you don’t ever experience evaluating this, you don’t have to work in isolation – we provide experienced assessment services that can help you determine what the best course of action is for your customer.

5. “We Don’t Have The Resources”

Many Dynamics Partners avoid upgrades and re-implementations because they don’t have the in-house resources and experience.  That is no longer a requirement.  In fact, it can be more cost-effective to outsource the majority of your upgrades and re-implementations because you can gain:

  • Efficiency – with custom upgrade tools that speed up your project
  • Profit  – with a fixed price per project that guarantees you stay on-budget
  • Experience – with a seasoned upgrade/re-implementation consulting team

You no longer need the in-house resources to tackle this profitable, reoccurring revenue stream for your business with 1ClickFactory’s Upgrade & Re-implementation Services. To request an online consultation email us at service@1clickfactory.com.

Author of the post: our former AX Upgrade Team Manager Evaldas Landauskas.