ERP on subscription can no longer be referred to as the “new kid on the block” as it has been on the market surprisingly for a few years already. With the recent release of Dynamics NAV on subscription, ERP on subscription is now strongly supported by Microsoft. The challenge with ERP on subscription are the many pieces that we, as Partners, need to have in place to become successful and profitable.

Ready to Offer ERP on Subscription?

Are you now in the process of transitioning your Dynamics NAV business to subscription-based offerings? Can you offer a comprehensive Dynamics NAV & NAV Services subscription solution, including:

Can you guarantee all this with rapid implementation, for a per-user-per-month price and with no upfront investment fee? If you answered NO to these questions, you are in good company. It is difficult to deliver a complete Dynamics Subscription Package as a sole Dynamics Partner.  But you aren’t alone in this transition to becoming a ERP on subscription provider.   1ClickFactory can help you make the transition to subscription successfully and profitably.

The Case for Delivering ERP on Subscription

With the struggle to offer a fully integrated ERP on subscription solution many partners ask why should they pursue a subscription-based business.  Beyond the fact that it is evident that cloud ERP is here to stay, there are many benefits to you as an ERP Partner.  The ERP on subscription model, particularly Dynamics NAV & Services on Subscription  for SMB customers, enables Microsoft Dynamics Partners to ease the burdens faced with their existing or new customers base, by:

  • Increasing new customers base with an attractive offering.
  • Collecting predictable recurring revenue monthly.
  • Delivering predictable, more affordable costs that makes selling services easier. 
  • Calculating Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of customers’ business solutions more quickly and accurately.

At 1ClickFactory, we have developed a full package of NAV Services on Subscription that you can easily embed in your proposals to build an All-In-One NAV & Services on Subscription Offering for your customers. Find out more at Directions EMEA in Mannheim this year.

Try our Dynamics NAV & NAV Services on Subscription LIVE!

Visit our booth S12 at Directions EMEA  to build an All-In-One NAV & Services on Subscription Offering for your customers.

Learn more now by watching this video to see how Bob, a Dynamics NAV Partner, has built a NAV on Subscription offerings for his customers with 1ClickFactory.

Hear a True ERP on Subscription Partner Story

Come to session ISV 19 to hear a Partner’s REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE of how they’ve embraced subscription concepts to build a recurring and profitable NAV business on Tuesday, 6th of October at 11:45 AM. 

Join us as Mikael Månsson, Orango AB Co-founder and Daniel Vesterberg, Business Area Manager at Orango AB, talks about his Partner experience with the services on subscription model in session ISV 19 with Søren Fink Jensen, CEO of 1ClickFactory, to discuss how Orango AB embraced subscription services to build a successful NAV business. 

More Valuable Dynamics NAV & NAV Services Sessions

We have a load of other sessions and valuable information to share with you this year at Directions EMEA, so much that we are hosting/co-hosting at least one session each conference day. 

We look forward to meet you at Directions EMEA…and helping you build your successful Dynamics NAV & Services on Subscription offering.