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Innovating products with a customer (Microsoft Dynamics partner) in mind

Listening to our customers – Microsoft Dynamics partners - and acting on their feedback is an integral part of 1ClickFactory’s service development process. At 1ClickFactory we apply a structured process for listening to our partners (through annual partner satisfaction surveys, front-line people, feedback from the website, and other channels), work with their insights, and most importantly - act on them.

Listening to the voice of Partner to revamp the Partner experience

While many Microsoft Dynamics Partners are moving towards Cloud-first business, for 1ClickFactory, one of the largest providers of Microsoft Azure services for Microsoft Dynamics products, it is critical to ensure a great experience for Cloud partners to help them excel in this area. And all this starts with carefully listening to the voice of our partners.

In October-November 2018 we have executed the Partner Satisfaction survey for 1ClickFactory Self-Provisioning for NAV/Business Central on Azure service to evaluate the current partners’ experience with the service. In this blog post I would like to share some exciting findings that this survey revealed.

Marketing by Selling Less

5 Key Facets of Successful Content Marketing

EUR 1400. That is the total amount of money we at 1ClickFactory spent on advertising in 2014 and 2015, even though we were very active in marketing during this time.

During this time, we generated more than 1000 customer leads, were recognized as one of the most innovative software development partners by Microsoft, and reached the highest ever brand awareness in our target markets. A big part of this success belongs to the fact that in 2014, we focused acutely on content marketing as an organization – on marketing by selling less.

Upgrades – if your time hasn’t come yet, eventually it will

“When you invest in a business solution, you know that sooner or later time for upgrade will come – it does not have to be due to a discontinuation of support of your existing solution… an upgrade can also allow you to take advantage of valuable new features, fix some old gaps, let you benefit from new technologies or bring in some new usage scenarios (for example the introduction of tablets support).” 

Top Searched Terms for Dynamics NAV on Azure

If you are selling Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure, you might already have considered optimizing your website for relevant keywords.

I took a short look at the most searched terms related with the topic “Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure”, and not surprisingly, I found that there is some volume of related searches. Taking a look at the competition level for these keywords, it’s obvious that some businesses already use these search term in their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.

How to Use LinkedIn to Sell Cloud Solutions

With over 300 million members on LinkedIn, this is a growing network you cannot ignore. It is a powerful platform for all professionals, but particularly sales professionals. Here are a few tips how you can use LinkedIn to build business – connect to the decision makers, build your personal brand and encourage your customers to connect with you.

5 Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using to Market Cloud Solutions

During last years, we have experienced a dramatic change in buying behavior, including: the customer‘s desire to control the buying experience, preference for anonymity & self-service and decrease in trust of sales professionals. Those changes have signficiantly impacted ERP marketing and selling motions.

How do these changes in buyer behavior impact your marketing practices? There are 5 key marketing tactics you can’t afford to ignore when selling and marketing Cloud Solutions.