1ClickFactory provides a number of services to help Microsoft Dynamics Partners to get Microsoft Dynamics NAV software solutions through the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) process. Since CfMD is not designed for the new Dynamics 365 Business Central technology stack, we get frequent queries from Microsoft Partners. In this blog post, we are summarizing answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please note that the answers are based on 1ClickFactory information only and may change depending on Microsoft processes.

1ClickFactory Software Solution Self-Test (SST) Retires as CfMD Approaches the End-of-Life

1ClickFactory Software Solution Self-Test (SST) is a part of the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) program, related to the Microsoft Registered Solution Program (RSP). The CfMD program was designed to recognize solutions that meet Microsoft's highest quality standards for Dynamics implementations. The certified solutions abide by governmental policies and regulations, are tested for integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, recommended by other companies, are low risk to use, fast to implement, and simple to maintain.

The Software Solution Test (SST) was architected around C/SIDE and C/AL solutions. However, with the Dynamics 365 Business Central 150 release, C/SIDE and C/AL technology are depreciated, and the Dynamics 365 Business Central becomes AL based only.

Following this Microsoft market motion and the fact that the Dynamics 365 Business Central 140 new license sale ends on October 1, 2020, 1ClickFactory is retiring the CfMD SST service from September 30th, 2020.

What’s Next for the Existing Dynamics C/AL Solutions?

All Microsoft Partners who are interested in self-test and CfMD of the Dynamics 365 Business Central 140 C/AL solution should not delay and apply now! 1ClickFactory experts can help until the end of September.

Besides, the C/AL solutions which have already passed the CfMD certification (including 10 customer implementation evidence) for NAV 2016, NAV 2017, NAV 2018, Business Central 130, Business Central 140, are eligible for all CfMD program benefits (including fee waivers) until further notice or replacement program announcement from Microsoft. In the future, Microsoft will look into new ways to recognize quality solutions.

The Registered Solution Program (RSP) Continues

Microsoft encourages Dynamics Partners to extend Dynamics Business Central functionality through the solutions. The common practice of extending functionality is to build a solution within the dedicated object range and in this way to minimize several solution merge hassles. To request the dedicated object range, Dynamics Partners have to sign the RSP agreement. The object ranges granted by the RSP for the solutions are as follows:

Object range

Can be implemented in the Business Central SaaS environment

Can be implemented in the Business Central On-prem or Partner-hosted environment

Quarterly fees

RSP object range




Fee waiver for previously passed SST* and proof of customer uptake (see full details here.

App object range





* There are no software solution tests or certification alternatives for AL based Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises or Business Central SaaS solutions.
** To enable the same 70.000.000-75.000.000 range solution for the Business Central On-premises, please log a query via PartnerSource Operations Support. Please note that Microsoft designed this object range to get solutions to the SaaS environment (AppSource) first and then to implement in Business Central On-premises or Partner-hosted environments.

When requesting a new RSP object range (1.000.000-60.000.000), Dynamics Partners should keep in mind that quarterly fees for the objects of the solution could come back at some point in time. Please note that there are no RSP quarterly fees associated with the App object range (70.000.000-75.000.000). Therefore, all partners who want to avoid quarterly fees and are able to implement the Dynamics Business Central solution in SaaS, On-premises or Partner-hosted environments, should consider moving the solution to the App object range (70.000.000-75.000.000).

If you are new to RSP and are considering building a Business Central SaaS App or Business Central On-premises solution, click here to learn where to start with your object range request:

AppSource Validation– Currently the Only way for Microsoft to Recognize your Solution

Dynamics Partners can market their Business Central App, gain sales, generate leads, and initiate conversations with new customers across industries on Microsoft AppSource. To be listed on AppSource, the Apps must pass AppSource validation.

AppSource validation is a process managed by Microsoft that allows Dynamics Partners to publish and deploy their solutions as AL based Extensions through AppSource offerings. The AppSource validation process consists of 2 major parts: marketing and technical validation. Please note that AppSource validation is neither a replacement nor in addition to CfMD certification and 1ClickFactory’s SST service.

Get Support to Transition your Solution to AL

1ClickFactory supports Dynamics Partners when transitioning a C/AL solution to Extensions and helps Microsoft Partners to adequately serve customers long into the future. Dynamics Partners can benefit from 1ClickFactory services every step of the way, from getting ready to transition to developing a solution in AL to mastering the upgrade process as well as efficient Extension maintenance on Dynamics Business Central SaaS. To find out more, watch our informative Business Central webinars, visit our website or contact 1ClickFactory directly.