In order to better serve the emerging Northern Eastern Europe market needs, 1ClickFactory has dedicated a local representative to focus on servicing Microsoft partners in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

The newly established 1ClickFactory Northern Eastern Europe (NEE) subsidiary will be managed by Žaneta Čalkienė, a senior IT professional with over 10 years’ experience in the Microsoft Dynamics business. Before starting 1ClickFactory Northern Eastern Europe, she was a Partner account manager at 1ClickFactory for four years, where she helped develop a global Partner network.

With her vast experience working with Microsoft Partners worldwide, Čalkienė has discovered that local representation is not only about speaking the local language or having a sales office nearby. “It’s about ‘speaking the local market language’, sharing local market insights and professional local assistance to build long-term ‘business-to-business’ cooperation,” she states.

When asked what challenges she sees Microsoft Partners from Northern Eastern Europe facing in today’s economy, Čalkienė explains: “Over the last few years, the IT market in the Eastern countries have started growing at a rapid pace. In addition, new Cloud technologies have been investigated enough and most customers are ready for a change.”

She goes on to state that there are three pains, or opportunities, that Microsoft Partners are meeting at this moment:

  • First of all, partners are facing challenges to find resources that have knowledge of new technologies. This becomes even more critical due to the massive employees migration inside the European Union.
  • Most customers expect economic growth and are searching for ERP solutions that will support their business growth. Many are in situations when their ERP systems do not cover the growing demands, as most of them are based on old versions and use costly on premise infrastructure.
  • A lot of ISVs are investigating cloud platforms and creating subscription-based pricing concepts, as on-premises licensing option is not competitive from a price perspective anymore.

Čalkienė believes that 1ClickFactory is ready to support partners on solving these challenges to help them more easily, predictably and profitably service ERP solutions by providing automated development services and highly-professional development resources.

 “By embracing the 1ClickFactory subscription and Cloud-based services,” she continues, “Microsoft Partners can transform their business to the Cloud model to successfully sell ERP in today’s economy. Finally, we can provide support in almost every step of the ERP solution life cycle – from lead generation to solution upgrade and support to helping partners focus on their core business, new IP development.”

Čalkienė is also fond of the future of ERP business, believing that most services will be subscription, self-service, and cloud-based. “It will be an exciting journey to share with our partners towards this vision,” she concludes.

Søren Fink-Jensen, CEO of 1ClickFactory, is stating, “By establishing the territory of Northern Eastern Europe, we are looking forward to provide our partners in this region with a better service and a more focused approach to help them build a growing and profitable business.  Our Azure services give partners an easy way to move to the cloud in a profitable way, and at the same time with less risk. Other services have been designed to help partners grow, while increasing profit.”

Outline of new subsidiary

Name: UAB 1ClickFactory Northern Eastern Europe
Representatives: Žaneta Čalkienė, GM
Main line of business: Software and business development services for Microsoft partners
Business area: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic
Location: Vaivos St. 22-6, Lentvaris, Trakų District, Lithuania
Date of establishment: 2nd April 2015.

For additional information about 1ClickFactory NEE please contact us at