The public Cloud – Microsoft Azure – has arrived for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and it will change the market. As the economic benefits of being in the public Cloud grow, it is clear that more customers feel more comfortable with the idea of having their ERP (and data) in the Cloud. We see customers focusing on speed to market, ease of use, and pay-as-you-go models since they cannot borrow money from the bank as easily as before. The big question is, what will you, as an executive at a Microsoft Partner, do about it?

Competition is increasing and more transparent than ever.  At 1ClickFactory, we believe that Microsoft is on the right track to put together offerings that can compete with new ERP in the Cloud players. Only a week ago, Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 which runs on Microsoft Azure and has applications for tablets, Android, IOS and, of course, Windows. It is sexy, easy to use, and easy to sell. And it has one advantage that none of the competitors have: tight integration with Office / Office 365. That also sells. 
So, where does 1ClickFactory come into this story? Our mission is to help our Partners though automation of services. One of the areas that is costly for Partners when they move into new Cloud technologies is building competences across all the areas needed to support Dynamics NAV 2015 in the Cloud. Therefore, 1ClickFactory has invested in building a platform for Self-Provisioning Dynamics NAV on Azure and in O365. This service is the easiest, fastest, and most cost effective way for a Partner to start providing customers with a Dynamics NAV on Azure and in Office 365 experience, while remaining in control of their own customers.
You may be asking yourself, is there money in this business? I assure you that there is. It is not in the same areas where we have made money over the last 20 years, namely implementation and customizations, but rather in business consulting and automated services that give customers more value for the money they are paying and a lower TCO than what they have had in the past.

We hosted Executive Briefing webinars at the end of October, together with Microsoft, specifically dedicated to Top Executives at Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner companies.

Click here to watch the webinar.

The webinar Partner opportunities with ERP in the Cloud covers:

  • Our changing market and the shifts it requires in Partner business models
  • Microsoft’s vision for Dynamics NAV on Azure and in Office 365
  • Where your business opportunities lie with NAV on Azure and in Office 365
  • How changing your business can increase your company’s evaluation

Paul White, General Manager - Microsoft Dynamics Product Marketing at Microsoft Corporation
Søren Fink-Jensen, CEO of 1ClickFactory
Dana Willmer, Director of Global Benchmarking Services

I hope It will inspire you.