In this article I want to share with my peers how to hold the same two columns in a page as we have in a form (see illustration beneath).

Picture 1. Sample form.

The challenge is that if we transform this form with standard Transformation Tool, we will get following page:

Picture 2. Sample page.

In order to have closest page layout to the form, we can make minor form modifications that will be invisible to the client, but will enable the standard Transformation Tool to transform the page in the way that we want. Here is the way to do that.

Step 1: Open form designer, open toolbox, select frame control.

Step 2: Add two frames into the form.

Step 3: Add first column fields into first frame and then add second column fields into the second frame.

Step 4: Set properties to both frame controls as follow:

  • ShowCaption = No
  • Border = No

Step 5: Create another frame; this frame control should cover and be the parent control for both previous frames. Set same properties for the third frame control as it is written in step 4.

At the end we should have something similar to this form design:

Picture 3. Sample form after modification.

If we will run this form in the classic client, it will look exactly the same as in the first picture. But after transformation with the Transformation Tool, we will have the following page:

Picture 4. Final Page.

If we set properties ShowCaption = Yes to the first two frames in the form, we will have bolded column names.

Picture 5. Final Page with column names.

I hope it helps you :)