With the rollout of Spring release Q2 2018 of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise all solution modifications will have to be performed exclusively through Extensions.

This change raises many questions in the minds of Microsoft Dynamics AX Partners, such as:

  • How will this change impact my business?
  • Which upgrade path will be best for my customers depending upon their current versions?
  • How will I make the move exclusively to Extensions cleanly and profitably?

In this period of transition, when each release changes the fundamentals of how you run your business and your projects, we want to help you understand how to evolve with confidence, speed and profitability.

Join us for our How to choose the best upgrade path to move to Extensions in Dynamics 365 Enterprise webinar, dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics Partners, to answer your questions and get recommendations from our experts at 1ClickFactory.

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Don’t let Extensions in Dynamics 365 Enterprise overwhelm you!

This webinar will cover the gamut:

  • WHAT & HOW of Extensions: learn what Extensions are and how you will win using Extensions.
  • HOW TO Paths for Extensions: discover how to choose the most suitable option, based on individual customer’s environment, for moving to Extensions.
  • WHAT & HOW of Dynamics 365 Enterprise: see what has changed in Dynamics 365 and how these changes impact your business.
  • Open Extensions & Dynamics 365 Q&A: get all of your questions answered LIVE from the experts.

Here are the event details for this exclusive webinar, including the opportunity to register:

[Live webinar] How to choose the best path to move to Extensions

Date: July 26th, Wednesday, 4:00 PM CET
Duration: 30 min.
Speaker: Paulius Brezgys, Leading AX Developer

The best path forward is education. Attend this exclusive Microsoft Dynamics Partner webinar, to help prepare your team and your business for the impending changes in your future.

If you’d like to have other topics covered during these dedicated Microsoft Dynamics Partner webinars, please drop us a line at info@1clickfactory.com. We’d love to hear from you!