Are you looking for new ways to sell more Dynamics NAV upgrades? Watch the webinar “How to Win More NAV 2016 Upgrade Sales” and discover these 5 key principles to boost your upgrade sales.

1. Create an Online Marketing Strategy

Historically, it was common practice for your sales team to engage early in the buying cycle with customers in order to supply them with information they couldn’t find anywhere else. This reality no longer exists. Potential customers now research your company online well before choosing to engage with you. Therefore, in order to attract customers’ attention you need a relevant and compelling content-based online marketing strategy. When preparing content, you must consider the following: 1.) it must be highly useful, 2.) it must be highly captivating and 3.) it must solve your customers’ problems, answering their questions. Finally, when the potential customer reaches out to engage you – they will be looking for proof of what they have discovered online.  

2. Use Tailored Nurture Marketing

Once you have actively engaged with a buyer, you must determine how this buyer needs to be nurtured – short-term or long-term. If it is a long-term nurture, that means that the buyer is not-quite ready to buy as his/her pain isn’t yet acute. As you never know when the pain will become acute, you need to nurture all of your prospects, although the content and sequence in which you nurture will depend upon which phase of the buying cycle they are in.  However, the most important factor to remember in nurture marketing is to produce content that is highly repeatable. To do this you must create educational content with messages that are valuable and that building trust with these buyers. Resist the urge to sell in these nurture messages. An example of such content might be helping your customer understand the economic and technical benefits of an upgrade by Requesting Assessment for 1ClickFactory Upgrade for NAV. Then when they are ready to buy they will remember the value you provided and reach out to you. 

3. Build a Comprehensive Offering

The entire industry is now moving to the subscription-based offerings and customers are expecting this service to eliminate risk, provide more control and make the software affordable. Given this, you need to have an entire Upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2016 and Upgrade Subscription offering for your customers. An Upgrade Subscription offering for you, as a partner, creates monthly service revenue, customer loyalty and decreases sales costs as you need only to sell the upgrade once. On the other hand, you will also be challenged during the upgrade sales process to justify the upgrade value. But you can make this decision easier for your customers by getting a detailed financial outlook and impacts on any given upgrade using the 1ClickFactory ROI Tool for NAV. And last – always give fixed price offerings to eliminate the risk for your customer making the sale easier for you.

4. Identify Customer Objections

Objections handling is the key to all aspects of sales. When it comes to upgrades, there are a number of them to stickhandle. Try to identify the most common customer objections you’ll face and the reasons behind these objections. Unlock the objections by preparing responses to those objections in advance; be clear when communicating the value/benefits of an upgrade and feature the weaknesses rather than react to them.

5. Create Customer Life Long Loyalty & Recurring Revenue

When it comes to creating a recurring revenue stream, subscriptions are your best bet. First, it increases customer loyalty, decreases sales cost overtime and secures recurring revenue. Second, when customers are on subscription it enables you, with very limited sales cost, to cross-sell successfully. This is quite simple to do with the latest Dynamics NAV versions that have loads of powerful enhancements and additional tools/technologies.

Your Resolution: Win More Upgrade Sales This Year 

With these 5 simple key principles you can significantly increase your Dynamics NAV upgrade sales this year.  It all starts with building an attractive online presence, tailor nurturing the buyer, offering an attractive upgrade package, being prepared to handle potential objections and creating life long customer and a reoccuring revenue stream. 

To learn more watch the full webinar, “How to Win More NAV 2016 Upgrade Sales”, now.

Author of the post: our former Managing Director of 1ClickFactory Denamrk Phillip Rubino.