One of the main reasons your customers desire Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure is the economic reason – to convert their software cost to monthly operational costs and avoid large upfront investment, as well as to take advantage of attractive deals for purchasing Dynamics NAV subscription licenses when the customer solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

However, some Microsoft Partners have little experience offering solutions that include infrastructure, and therefore it is a challenge for them to commit to a fixed monthly price based Dynamics NAV on Azure hosting service to integrate into their offerings. To do this, Partners first need to make a substantial investment into collecting the skills about the Azure infrastructure, invest time into building solution and pricing that meets customers’ expectations at the same time securing Partner profits.

Move your customers’ Dynamics NAV on Azure while minimizing your risk

Since 2014, 1ClickFactory has been providing an automated platform that allows Partners to quickly and securely implement any Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution with any customizations on Microsoft Azure while minimizing Partner risk associated with Azure’s utility billings. It also helps Microsoft Partners build new recurring revenue streams from Dynamics NAV on Azure hosting and Dynamics NAV on subscription services.

NEW! Recently, we at 1ClickFactory have created a tool where Microsoft Partners can easily calculate the fixed monthly price for Dynamics NAV on Azure for their customers in just a few minutes!

How to quickly calculate price for NAV on Azure

All you need to do is to register at, go to the 1ClickFactory Self-Provisioning for NAV on Azure page, and click on Request Service button to open the request form which functions as a calculator.

The calculation process is simple and intuitive. If you’re using it for the first time, you’ll probably need some tips (also available on the page) on how to choose a server on Microsoft Azure according to the customer Dynamics NAV parameters from the 4 different service configurations:

  • Option 1. Sandbox server: The Microsoft Partner can use the Sandbox server for solution testing, development or demonstrating purposes.
  • Option 2. Shared server: We recommend a Shared server within the Single tenant configuration to run single tenant Dynamics NAV applications. Please note that the Shared server allows you to provision several customers. 
  • Option 3. Shared server: The Shared server within the Multitenant configurations is for running multitenant applications which have the same application codebase for multiple customers. Applications that use the Multitenant configuration are also provisioned on the Shared server; therefore, several customers can run on the same server within the same or different configuration (Single or Multitenant).
  • Option 4. Dedicated server: The Partner can use a dedicated server to run single tenant Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions as well. However, we recommend choosing this server if the Partner wants to have only one customer deployed on the server, or if a customer solution has a high number of users and some complex integrations installed in it.

If the NAV solutions require additional third-party applications, web-sites, integration jobs or similar tasks, 1ClickFactory Self-Provisioning for NAV allows you to provision additional blank Windows Server virtual machines that can be used to supplement the Microsoft Dynamics environment.

To find out more about 1ClickFactory Self-Provisioning for NAV and to begin calculating the price for your Dynamics NAV customer to be hosted on Microsoft Azure, please visit or contact us at The 1ClickFactory Cloud team is ready to support you with any questions you may have!