August 1st, 2015 Microsoft terminates the NAV Add-On Program and shifts to the Registered Solution Program. To be able to sell add-ons, you will have to sign a new Registered Solution Program Agreement and pay for the used object ranges. The only way to avoid this cost is to become CfMD (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics).

In addition, registering* for CfMD before August 1st, 2015 will ensure the opportunity to have 12 months to test your Software Solution. If you register later, you will be required to pass the technical test within 3 months.

Want to take advantage of this CfMD opportunity but don’t know where to start?

Watch our Quick Start Guide to CfMD Video to understand the basics of the CfMD requirements.

You can minimize the cost, time, and effort required to become CfMD while leveraging 1ClickFactory CfMD Assistance Services:

  • CfMD Workshop: Gain a clear understanding of certification requirements and receive a Gap & Fit Analysis of your solution to identify which areas of your product do not meet CfMD requirements.
  • CfMD Project Management: Certify your solution smoothly with minimal involvement from your internal staff. Our experienced CfMD project managers will lead your team through the entire CfMD process.
  • CfMD Software Solution Self-Test*: Substantially reduce the cost for Software Solution Testing by running it in 1ClickFactory’s testing center. Enjoy the rapid testing speed and five test attempts without additional fees.

Or Speak with 1ClickFactory Representative who will walk you through the general CfMD requirements, and discuss the certification assistance model that best fits your solution.

Good luck!