Have you ever wondered what features an online platform should have to best contribute to your Dynamics Business success? Is it simplicity? Speed? Responsiveness? Or a wide range of features?

Working on our new website, we tried put ourselves into our Partners shoes and focus on their needs. And now we’re glad to introduce our brand new 1ClickFactory website that will let you:

Get the full project view

One project includes both fixed price services as well as on subscription. From now on you can check fixed price sums and those to be paid monthly in separate columns straight from the project list view.

Manage projects with simplicity

Need to add or exclude a service from your project? It’s so easy. All you have to do is simply enter the “Project Card” and enter a service keyword into the service field. The page will automatically suggest services for you to add.

Get fast calculations

Request forms for online services are easy to fill in and provide you with prompt price proposals that you can include in your proposal right away. Request forms are built to guide you through service specifics, so you don’t have to waste time looking for additional information.

Conveniently pay for services

Now you can purchase services in three different ways:

  • in Clicks,
  • by Credit Card,
  • by Bank Transfer.

Best fit your customer needs

The new 1ClickFactory website offers nine online services, both fixed price as well as on subscription. Here you can find anything from code or data transformation services up to upgrade, CfMD or self-provisioning NAV on Azure service range. And we keep on making more of our services available online.

Feel secure

When developing a new website, we focused a lot on making the navigation more intuitive. Even if you feel unsure, don’t hesitate to try our “Live Chat” option. We’ll be glad to assist you.

Or take a Guided Tour by clicking here.

We’ll keep on working to improve the site, to make it even more powerful and convenient to fit our Partners’ needs.


Author of the post: our former Product Marketing Manager Asta Sabaitė.