1ClickFactory has, with effect from January 1, 2019, changed the representation and service to partners for the Benelux region. The change is a result of Dirk Jan Gelderblom, the representative of 1ClickFactory in Benelux, selling his 1ClickFactory sales franchise for Benelux back to 1ClickFactory. The new representative is the QBS group, the largest Microsoft Dynamics Value Add Distributor in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This is a next step in the strategic partnership which QBS group and 1Clickfactory started in 2017.

Søren Fink-Jensen, the CEO of 1ClickFactory, states: “I want to thank Dirk Jan Gelderblom for the cooperation in the last 6 years. His efforts have brought us from almost nothing to a considerable size business, with a well-known brand in the market. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

Dirk Jan Gelderblom, who has managed the 1ClickFactory franchise in Benelux for the last 6 years, says: “I believe this is a step forward for Partners in the Benelux. The combination of 1ClickFactory and QBS services is a strong value add to partners. I am happy to leave the business I built in such competent hands.”

Eddy van de Lagemaat, who is leading the QBS team serving the Dynamics partners in Benelux and who has a long history with the Microsoft and the Dynamics products, states: “We are very happy to expand our coverage of 1ClickFactory services to all partners in Benelux. It gives us an opportunity to complete our service offering to partners: from lead generation, sales excellence, readiness and Dynamics licensing, to the more technical services of 1ClickFactory, such as upgrades, extension development and Azure self-provisioning.”  

He adds, “We have been working with 1ClickFactory for more than a year and therefore we already have considerable knowledge to support the partners. In many cases 1ClickFactory’s technical services can help partners reduce financial risk, increase scale and solve resource shortages.”

For more information please contact 1ClickFactory at info@1clickfactory.com