1ClickToStart: How to utilize the power of Power Platform to get new customers onboard?

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Watching time: 45 minutes

This round-table is best for: 

  • Sales and Consulting, Executives.

“We are not ready for the Power Platform because...” there are many ways to end this sentence using the arguments we hear on the market. However, there are even more ways to show how much Partners are missing by delaying this decision.

What are the main challenges of the CEE market:

  • Is there a demand for the Power Platform and are Partners ready to use it?
  • Should you approach customers with the Power Platform differently?
  • How should you acquire the competence needed?
  • What obstacles did Partners have to go through to finally establish a successful Power Platform practice?
  • How can Microsoft support you on this journey?
  • Tips & tricks for success as well as insights into lessons learned.


Webinar presenter

Ignas Stočkus 
Power Platform technical expert, 1ClickFactory
Webinar presenter

Péter Kuna
Business Applications Partner Program Lead, Microsoft CEE
Webinar presenter

Angel Georgiev
Founder & CEO, Sappience
Webinar presenter

Lukáš Makovička
Product Developer for Power Apps, NAVISYS s.r.o.

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