TCO of Dynamics 365 Business Central:
Is it better to invest in-house or trust a hosting partner?

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Watching time: 52 minutes

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  • Sales and Consulting, Executives.
Are you a Dynamics Partner that wonders what options you have when SaaS is not meeting the needs of your customers looking to migrate Dynamics 365 Business Central to the cloud?
Are you considering investing in building your own in-house platform to help manage the growing demand for cloud deployment? Or maybe you are looking for a cost-effective service that can facilitate your customers’ deployment needs without any SaaS limitations?

If you can relate to this as a Dynamics Partner, debating between building your own in-house platform to host Dynamics Business Central versus finding a trustworthy hosting partner, the recorded session “Total cost of ownership of Dynamics 365 Business Central: Is it Better to Invest In-House or Trust a Hosting Partner?” is hugely valuable to you.

We invited Dynamics Partner Cosmo Consult Group to share their experience on what it really takes to build an in-house platform and assess the cost and value of such a platform.

In order to compare these options, 1ClickFactory’s experts discussed the world’s largest hosting platform built for Dynamics Partners to use for cloud deployments of Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Webinar presenter

Tobias Fenster
Chief Technical Officer, Cosmo Consult Group
Webinar presenter

Christian Krause 
Operations Manager,
Cosmo Consult Group
Webinar presenter

Tomas Stankevičius 
R&D Lead,
Webinar presenter

Rimvydas Saulis
Cloud business line manager,


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