The power of keeping Dynamics 365 customer churn to a minimum

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Watching time: 60 minutes

This round-table is best for: 

  • Sales and Consulting, Executives.

The decision to change Microsoft Dynamics Partner or even a solution, is made easier today than ever before: Make a mistake, and you will be punished by your customers in no time.

During the upcoming panel discussion “The power of keeping Dynamics 365 customer churn to a minimum” you will hear experts share tips and strategies for ensuring continued success with your existing customers along with insights and a deep dive to answer and explore the following questions:

  • How to establish and sustain enduring relationships with customers in an online business?
  • What drives customer loyalty in today‘s business?
  • What new factors are coming into the decision-making process?
    How do you listen to your customers and integrate their feedback into your services and processes?
  • How do you structure support for subscription-based customers without killing your business?
  • What are tactics to make sure customers stick with you?


Webinar presenter

Sandra Matuleviciute-Bagdonaviciene 
Partner Experience Manager, 1ClickFactory
Webinar presenter

Reinis Sparāns
Strategic Development Manager, Elva, Latvia
Webinar presenter

Rimvydas Saulis
Cloud business line manager, 1ClickFactory

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