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Duration: 1 day

This workshop is best for: 

  • Top management.

These days, customer demand for out-of-the-box solutions that deliver immediate value is high. Customers simply have little interest in long, complex, costly implementations. Very often, they also want these solutions to be available on a subscription basis, and delivered via the Cloud. This demand challenges our traditional business model to the core, and requires that every solution provider develop and deliver “repeatable” solutions. The problem is, these solutions cannot exist without first identifying an appropriate market focus. It anchors everything.

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Workshop overview:

One day leadership skills oriented workshop with a focus on Market & Product

The majority of Microsoft Dynamics Partners are facing difficulty navigating through the front-end tasks of market identification and IP evaluation. The Focal Point workshop is aimed to assist Partners in executing the following components: Workshop participants will understand all the steps of constructing and selling repeatable solutions through participating in role play and covering a variety of topics:

  • Market identification and quantification. Identifying viable markets involves a review of the customer base, the consultant’s domain expertise, and IP library, resulting in the creation of a target customer profile.
  • Competitive landscape evaluation. This will help the Partner evaluate not only how many competitors are in the target market, but who they are and how they are positioning themselves.
  • Identification of “demand drivers.” Demand drivers are a cornerstone for crafting targeted sales discovery questions and effective marketing messages.
  • Defining value proposition and key messages. Partners will learn how to develop value propositions and key messages for a target market, and how best to use these messages in their marketing engine.
  • Building product development plan. The workshop will provide the mechanics for creating this plan.
  • Determining services to “attach” to bundle. Partners will develop a process for identifying which services will be bundled as part of IP.
  • Developing economic case. This will help define the investment needed to move into the market, as well as cash flow projects to ensure liquidity during the transformation process.

Workshop outcomes:
Participants will leave the workshop with a toolkit and an action plan for building a high-margin business based on repeatable solutions.

Join 1 day Focal Point workshop to get hands on help defining markets, IP, competition, pricing and more!

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