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Duration: 2 days

This workshop is best for: 

  • Sales.

Historically, Dynamics sales professionals have sold highly configured on-premise solutions through face to face customer meetings, often with pre-sales resources facilitating both the discovery sessions and product demonstrations. Unfortunately, buyer behaviour has changed radically over the past 5 years leaving many partners with increasing sales costs, declining close ratios and lower margins. The old solution selling model simply does not work in the new world of cloud computing. To effectively engage with this new buying profile, sales professionals must adjust almost every aspect of their sales process: from how they qualify to how they close, because most, if not all, of the sales process will now be facilitated remotely.

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Workshop overview:
Designed specifically for SMB focused sales professionals, this hands-on training experience explores the dramatic shift in buyer behaviour, then walks participants through an entire accelerated selling cycle, from lead to close.

Participants who complete the two day Accelerated Sales Program will understand:

  • Why buyer behaviour has changed.
  • How to adjust their selling activities to re-align with the new customer buying cycle.
  • How to identify an accelerated opportunity profile.
  • How to remotely facilitate a repeatable sales process.
  • How to create a pro-Microsoft/Partner bias early in the prospect buying cycle.
  • How to significantly lower their cost of sales.
  • How to overcome prospect objections.
  • How to deliver powerful proposal presentations to Business Decision Makers.

Workshop outcomes:
Participants will leave the workshop with a complete set of personalized sales assets that can be immediately applied to existing opportunities. These tools include e-mail and voicemail templates, demonstration plans, objection responses, proposal presentations and more.

Join the workshop and gain key insights into how to align your sales activities with how prospects truly want to buy!

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