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Duration: 2 days

This workshop is best for: 

  • Sales.

Every software company wants to think that it is the unique features that make them successful. And every customer wants to believe that they make their choices based purely on the ‘best’ product. Both are wrong. As any industry matures, the products they produce all start to take on the same capabilities. Increasingly, the way the product is packaged, marketed, and sold becomes the differentiator. Can the way something is presented cause somebody to change their position towards the software dramatically? Probably not, as the overall position will be determined by the software’s capabilities. But could the decision be influenced by the way the system was presented? Absolutely.

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Workshop overview:
The Software Demonstration Skills workshop is the most cost-effective way of providing sales training to individuals and small groups, giving delegates the opportunity to mix with and learn from others who sell in different industries. The workshop focuses on the delivery elements of a technology presentation and demonstration. Attendees will participate in a number of small group exercises that will provide them with an opportunity to practise the skills they are learning:

  • "Demo Crimes" and techniques to avoid them. We are likely to commit ‘bad habit crimes’ during our presentation and demonstrations and this makes us less effective and makes our audience hold back.
  • Successful structure of every demonstration. The ultimate goal of any software demonstration is to get the audience to recognize the value our solution can provide for their organization. Participants will be introduced to the structure of demonstration that will enable them to build the case for value.
  • Engaging different types of people participating in a demonstration. Everyone in the room has a slightly different agenda, a different list of ‘top pains’, and a different means of comprehending what the solution is all about. How to address them all?
  • Visual techniques to support the demonstration. Managing the attention of the audience is critical for delivering a successful presentation. Participants will be provided with a number of techniques to help a message stick.
  • Demonstrating the solution remotely. While demonstrating the solution remotely, we have a piece of technology that stands between us and the audience. How does that change the game and how do we deal with it?
  • Audience engaging techniques to open and close a demo segment delivering value benefits to the audience effectively.

Recommended attendees:
Beginning and experienced sales professionals, presales, and consultants who present and demonstrate technology products and services.

Workshop outcomes:
Participants should leave the training with a presentation ready to be presented to the customer.

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