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Date: March 9-10 (instructor led, online)

This workshop is best for: 

  • Technical

Duration: 2 days

Price:  350 EUR/participant (early bird price registering three weeks in advance 300 EUR/participant).

Special offer: For two persons registered from one company, the third person is invited to join the training for free!

With the advent of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the new cloud-based offering, and the evolution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, developers must learn new development environments and skills. AppSource apps will require developers to write Automated Testing for their apps, and any customizations you would do for Business Central has the potential of breaking when Microsoft does a new release. 

Therefore, learning how to develop self-testing is critical to the success of your Business Central SAAS deployment, and will ensure that upgrades does not impact on your customers’ businesses.  This is a must-attend course for anyone that wishes to develop on Business Central SAAS and is beneficial for anyone developing on Business Central On-Premise. The testability framework has been a part of NAV since NAV 2009, so has evolved with the product to what it is today. We‘ve heard a lot of arguments about why not to do Automated Testing, but on this course, you will be introduced with all the reasons why you SHOULD be doing automated testing, and how it will benefit you.

We have spent quite a bit of time re-searching and building this course material, so don’t miss out on this training!

  • Introduction to Automated Testing
  • The Testability Framework
  • The Test Tool, Standard Tests and Standard Libraries
  • Designing Tests and Understanding Test Case Design Patterns
  • Basics of Test Automation
  • Positive-Negative tests
  • UI Tests and UI Handlers
  • Parameterized tests
  • Testing reports
  • Taking Test Automation to the next level
  • How to Construct an Extensive Scenario
  • How to Effectively Integrate with Your Daily Development Practice
  • Getting Standard Tests in Business Central Working on Your Code
  • A look at Test Driven Development Methodology

Workshop prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of AL development language and Visual Studio Code
  • Knowledge of C/AL development language (Testing can either be done on-premise or BC SAAS, so either language will suffice)
  • A working knowledge of the development lifecycle is beneficial (working knowledge)
  • A development environment to use during the course (either C/SIDE or VS Code will do)

Workshop outcomes:
If you want to learn how Automated Testing in Business Central works, how to create your own tests for the extensions that you are developing, and how to apply the tools that Microsoft give us with Business Central, the course is for you.

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