Quality Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrades

1Clickfactory is the leading Microsoft Dynamics upgrade factory in the world, with experience from more than 350 upgrades, performing more than 100 new upgrades every year. 1ClickFactory uses automation both in the analysis and operational performance of the upgrade, which ensures cost effectiveness, high quality and predictability in delivering each Dynamics NAV upgrade.

Why use 1ClickFactory Upgrade for NAV?

This end-to-end 1ClickFactory Upgrade for NAV service delivers value to Microsoft Dynamics Partners:

  • FREE NAV Upgrade Assessment*: Get a free professional upgrade analysis to evaluate the scope of your upgrade project and a price proposal. Upgrades are always offered for a fixed price, which minimizes your risk and helps manage your upgrade investment.
  • Partner Sales & Marketing Upgrade Tools*: Receive free access to sales & marketing toolkits to support your upgrade service offerings (click here to download) including: customer-ready upgrade emails, upgrade sales/marketing tools and other key upgrade communications.
  • Guaranteed a Cost-Efficient Upgrade Path: Eliminate reports that haven’t been used for years, transform add-ons into Extensions and discover the best scenario for a “clean-start”. 1ClickFactory guarantees we will lead you to the most cost-efficient upgrade path defined by your upgrade challenges, which includes using automated tools and utilizing new standard NAV functionality to eliminate customizations when available. 1ClickFactory supports you to find the best option for your customer.
  • Self-Service Upgrade*: Access self-service transformation tools that have transformed more than 14.000 classic reports to RDLC reports and more than 1800 dataports to XMLports for Dynamics NAV Partners to help decrease the upgrade investment for your customers.
  • Test Data Migration: Deliver your test data migration in a Microsoft Azure sandbox for easy testing and access for your customer to view their data in the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Live Data Migration: Gain expert support for your live upgrade/data migration from 1ClickFactory to avoid data migration headaches. Live Data Migration is usually executed during operationally slow times, over a weekend. 1ClickFactory’s Go-Live experts have performed over 30 live data migrations on behalf of Dynamics NAV Partners in just the past 2 years.
  • Upgrade Subscription: Schedule upgrades to keep your customers current and running at full-capacity with a Dynamics NAV Upgrade Subscription, once they are up-to-date on the latest version. Provide your customers with stability and peace of mind with fixed price upgrades, minimal solution downtime, and regular product updates that align with Dynamics NAV release cycles.

* These upgrade resources require access to our online Partner portal – register FREE now.

The Best Upgrade Path for Your NAV

There are three ways to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV:


Full or Partial Upgrade



How Upgrade is Performed

Brings all or selected customizations and data forward to the latest version

Upgrades all data to latest version (including custom tables), but does not include any code customizations

No upgrade of data or customized functionality, new instance of NAV

Best Use Case

For most cases

When the customer has a large percent of customizations that are not used or have been replaced by standard functionality

When customer wants to align with a standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Microsoft

Deliverables from 1ClickFactory

• Upgraded code

• Test data migration database

• Live data migration

• Upgrade subscription

• Test data migration database

• Live data migration

• Upgrade subscription

• Test data migration, database with data not supported by application deleted

• Live data migration

• Upgrade subscription

Learn more about the three different means of upgrading here!

Start Your Dynamics NAV Upgrade Now!

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