Business Central and NAV Upgrades your way

Has the new standard functionality replaced your customizations? Are you stopping yourself from upgrading because of the cost, complexity or lack of development capacity? Are you having difficulty explaining the value of upgrading? We have the solution for you.

Upgrade of all functionality, partial functionality, clean start or re-implementation – we can help you tailor your upgrade offering to each of your customer’s needs – read more about our Upgrade Analyzer. Deliver and explain the greater value to customers with pre-built sales and marketing toolkits to help you.

Reduce your upgrade project risk

Outsource your upgrade work with our Upgrades for Business Central and NAV service to reduce risk. Our service includes:


Upgrade Analyzer

FREE upgrade assessment

FREE sales support

Expert insights

Readiness for the future

1ClickFactory can analyze your solution and simulate a large number of options to increase or reduce the scope and price.

Professional and informative upgrade proposal with the options you chose in the Upgrade.

Unlimited access to our sales team to answer any questions related to your upgrade assessments.

Proven methodologies, built-in project management and innovative tools which were tried, tested and proven efficient from 500+ upgrades performed as far back as from Navision Financials 2.0.

The latest Microsoft upgrade functionality allows upgrade using Events & Extensions to help successfully move customizations and migrate add-ons.

Reduce the scope AND the price

The 4 areas that affect the upgrade price are:

  1. The number of versions your customer has not upgraded/is behind
  2. Number of customizations
  3. Reports that need to be transformed into new formats
  4. Add-ons

Our methodology and scoping workshops have helped numerous Partners scope the upgrade to fit their customers’ budget and requirements.

Drive Business Central and NAV Upgrade efficiency with 1ClickFactory upgrade tools

Are you considering performing your own upgrades? We can help you do it efficiently!

Access our Dynamics NAV upgrade tools we use at 1ClickFactory and increase your own upgrade productivity. The current Dynamics NAV upgrade tools available to Partners are:

Choose the best upgrade path

There are 3 ways to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV:


Full or partial upgrade



How the upgrade is performed

Brings all or selected customizations and data forward to the latest version

Upgrades all data to latest version (including custom tables), but does not include any code customizations

No upgrade of data or customized functionality, new instance of NAV

Best use case

For most cases

When the customer has a large percent of customizations that are not used or have been replaced by standard functionality

When customer wants to align with a standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Microsoft

Deliverables from 1ClickFactory

• Upgraded code

• Test data migration database

• Live data migration

• Upgrade subscription

• Test data migration database

• Live data migration

• Upgrade subscription

• Test data migration, database with data not supported by application deleted

• Live data migration

• Upgrade subscription

Partner sales and marketing upgrade tools

Receive free access to Dynamics NAV/Business Central Upgrade sales and marketing toolkits to support your upgrade service offerings including customer-ready upgrade emails, upgrade sales/marketing tools and other key upgrade communications. 

Useful materials

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