extension scoping workshop

Add-on to Extension scoping workshop for Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 Business Central

One of the most concerning questions when moving C/AL solution to an Extension is how much does the transition to Extension cost? To evaluate the cost first you need to understand the scope. The rough understanding of the scope can be achieved with C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report. However, the report results need to be refined to get the more precise picture about transition scope. During Add-on to Extension Scoping Workshop, which consists of preparation and workshop phases, the automatically generated report findings are manually assessed by the 1ClickFactory experts who help to choose the best conflict resolution approach and adjust estimates accordingly.

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What will the scoping workshop cover?

  • In preparation phase 1ClickFactory experts review and document resolution pattern for issues that can be resolved technically without affecting the functionality. In addition, issues that cannot be resolved technically without affecting the functionality are analyzed deeper and documented to bring possible resolution pattern (available in the current or preview version of Business Central) to the workshop for further discussion.
  • During the workshop we present our findings in structured manner, clarify and agree reimplementation approach for issue groups or individual issues, discuss and advice on the parts that could be taken out of scope and adjust the estimate.
  • Assistance with C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report conflict scoping process. Review of the repeating conflicts and grouping them to further refine estimate.
  • Assistance to find the optimal balance, pros. and cons. having Base App modifications in an On-premise solution developed as hybrid solution.

Increase efficiency of your transition project with Extension scoping workshop!

  • Revised scope. Refine the scope of the transition project to have clear overview of tasks, effort and budget of the conversion.
  • Get expert insight into transition path tailored for your solution.
  • Gain knowledge on how to solve the C/AL to AL transition conflicts and be able to scope transition yourself.


  • Updated C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report findings with revised conflict resolution approach and estimates adjusted based on decisions made during workshop.
  • Fixed price proposal for the areas with the agreed resolution approach.
  • Advice on which parts are too expensive to reimplement and should be kept as base app modification when building On-premise Extension.

Who is this workshop for?
Technical leads, senior developers.

1-on-1 on-site workshop that takes 1-3 days depending on the size and complexity of the solution.

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