Web Development

CitSol's Case story on Web Development


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Comprehensive IT Solutions (CitSol) in Denmark is an IT service provider, specializing in extensive ERP and other IT systems for over 20 years. To better meet their end customers’ needs, CitSol decided to create a multi-language website for managing employee information. CitSol had their own developers, who didn’t have much experience with .NET and web development and reached out to 1ClickFactory to help solve it.


The idea was that 1ClickFactory writes the initial code and the Partner's developers continue building the project on their own. As a relatively small project it took ~150 hours for 1ClickFactory’s WebServices team to create. The languages for the website that had to be included were Danish, English and Greenlandic.

In this project, the focus was on data security and protection. Therefore, additional features such as HTTPS, audit logs and users’ role management were implemented.

Technologies used were:

  • ASP.NET MVC, Twitter Bootstrap – for user interface
  • Microsoft Entity Framework – for data management between the Microsoft SQL database and the website
  • .NET Framework – for writing business logic
  • ASP.NET Identity – for user authentication


We created a code that served as a great explanation and guidance for the Partner’s team to proceed further on their own. “1ClickFactory prepared the documentation on certain technological aspects and provided consultations to our developers, so that they would have a more joyful and easy development experience, which made it so much easier!”, CitSol consultant Claus Danielsen. Contact your local 1ClickFactory office or request a free consultation to get started today! We’ll be in touch with you to setup a short 1-hour call to discuss and assess your needs.