Successfully accelerating customer migrations to BC online

Successfully accelerating customer migrations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online


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About the company

COSMO CONSULT AG is an international corporate company and one of the world’s leading Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partners. With the central office in Berlin, Germany, COSMO CONSULT has 46 other offices around the world and over 1300 employees across all locations. COSMO CONSULT is offering customers industry-oriented solutions based on the ERP systems: Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint. The company specializes in the introduction and system management of business software solutions for medium-sized and large companies in the manufacturing, service and retail industries.


With Dynamics 365 Business Central Online adoption growing steadily among both medium and large companies, COSMO CONSULT ran into challenges when helping companies switch to the Cloud. To accelerate the increasing customer migrations, COSMO CONSULT needed to grow their knowledgebase and set up scalable migration practices within their organization.

The additional challenge was migrating larger customers, as well as customers with a high number of Extensions. Understanding the scope of the re-design and resolving the technical conversion to Extensions issues was a technical, frustrating and manual task that required review of each modification and evaluation of its compatibility with Extensions. 


To overcome the challenges, COSMO CONSULT had to make an investment to develop new technical skills, competencies and solutions. To achieve that, COSMO CONSULT took advantage of Microsoft’s Activate and Accelerate program and reached out to 1ClickFactory.

As a Microsoft ISV Development Center and Coach, 1ClickFactory, renowned for its upgrade tools and expertise, was ready to support technological transformations to Dynamics 365 Business Central Online. 

Within Microsoft’s FU21 and FY22 ISV investment programs, certified experts and developers at 1ClickFactory trained COSMO CONSULT’s newly set up upgrade experts’ team (to standardize and to speed-up cloud migrations from NAV to BC is the main purpose of this team), shared best practices and walked them through the first customer migrations. Closely collaborating with COSMO CONSULT, 1ClickFactory helped to accelerate the migration process through sharing knowledge, developing a standardized migration toolkit and by providing access to 1ClickFactory’s own upgrade tools.


Microsoft’s FU21 and FY22 ISV investment programs and 1ClickFactory’s expertise and guidance helped COSMO CONSULT to save weeks of effort and become well-prepared in accelerating customer migrations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online. In 2020, COSMO CONSULT achieved over 30 successful migrations to the Cloud with more than 700 users. In 2021, COSMO CONSULT plans to migrate 30 or more customers with around 1000 users.



"I would definitely recommend the Microsoft Activate and Accelerate program and 1ClickFactory to the other ISV Partners. It is invaluable that you have someone help you make the right investments for the future

says Daniel Schmid, Chief Portfolio Officer of COSMO CONSULT Group.