Comsol Unternehmenslösungen's experience with NAV/Business Central Upgrade Analyzer


We’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance our services, ensuring they remain convenient and valuable for you, our Partners. To measure this, we often request input and feedback from Partners to get a firsthand account of their experiences with our services. As such, we were keen to obtain feedback on our new online tool, the 1ClickFactory Upgrade Analyzer. This innovative new tool is designed to help Partners analyze and configure different upgrade scenarios to determine the optimal approach for customer upgrades.

Jochen Held, the Managing Director of Comsol Unternehmenslösungen AG, kindly agreed to share feedback on his experience with the new 1ClickFactory Upgrade Analyzer and how it impacts the creation of estimates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrade projects.

After trying out the 1ClickFactory Upgrade Analyzer, what are you first impressions?

Jochen Held: “My first impression was notably positive, 1ClickFactory’s Upgrade Analyzer is truly a great online tool. I’m impressed with the speed and transparency it provides to me as a Dynamics Partner, enabling me to speed up and optimize the upgrade cost estimation process.”

How did the Upgrade Analyzer benefit you as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

Jochen Held: “Often, upgrade estimates are lengthy and complicated, but the Upgrade Analyzer makes this process easy and stress-free! Thanks to the Upgrade Analyzer, I can access the components of upgrades and I can clearly see the effect that add-on actions have on the price, plus the different upgrade methods are extremely transparent. Having the Upgrade Analyzer on-hand, I don’t need to spend as much time preparing for customer discussions as I can confidently rely on the information provided by the Upgrade Analyzer. The tool has enhanced the upgrade service I provide to my customers and I’m confident that I can offer them the best possible advice when choosing the optimal path to Dynamics 365 Business Central.”

By the way, you were the first person to ever use the Upgrade Analyzer. How does it feel?

Jochen Held: “I had no idea! But I feel very honored that 1ClickFactory entrusted me with testing out the Beta version of the Upgrade Analyzer. At the time, we had quite a few upgrade proposals to create so I was extremely happy to use the live version when it launched. The tool reduces upgrade project risks while helping partners like me to accurately assess upgrades to provide customers with the best path forward, all at no extra cost.”

Try 1ClickFactory’s Upgrade Analyzer tool for yourself!

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