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Versapay, a leading provider of cloud-based AR automation and integrated payments solutions, helps transform accounts receivable by connecting AR departments with customers over the cloud to drive efficiency and accelerate cash flow. Based in Toronto with offices in Atlanta, Cleveland, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, Versapay is owned by Great Hill Partners, a Boston-based technology investment firm.

"I enjoy the work that I do at Versapay because we are leading change in the way AR departments work with their customers to improve processes and solidify relationships across the buyer/supplier exchange. I am also grateful to be part of a fast-paced work environment with a lot of freedom to drive innovation and think more creatively. Together we are building a great and empowering culture" said Meredith A. Mitchell, Senior Product Manager, Versapay.

In 2020 ChargeLogic merged with Versapay to further strengthen market-leading integrated payment offerings for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Versapay ChargeLogic payment solution delivers a secure and straightforward way for companies to accept payments and manage all their data in one place. It has earned a reputation as a robust and secure digital payment solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV. When it was time to expand Versapay's ERP payments portfolio to include Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, they looked for a partner to accelerate the pace.

”One of the things that sets Versapay apart from its competition is the tight integrations with ERP systems. Therefore this project to expand our embedded ERP payments options was so important to the organization” said Jonathan Cooper, VP of Engineering at Versapay.

Knowing that their customers expect the best, it was with great consideration that Versapay chose 1ClickFactory to reproduce their Business Central application for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. The new payments solution is now available on AppSource.

The importance of adding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management to the portfolio

Versapay's portfolio includes embedded payments applications for several ERPs including NetSuite, Sage lntacct, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV. Understanding the importance of keeping any ERP the single source of truth for financial data including all payment and AR automation activities, Versapay is interested in expanding the ERPs they support. Their close relationship with Microsoft and success with Business Centrai made Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain a perfect target.

 "We have been very successful in the Microsoft space with our Business Central solution which made it easy to use that existing solution as a blueprint for expansion", shares Jonathan.

 ''This project was important  to our growth and relationship  with Microsoft  so we wanted to have a solution specifically in Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management. It was also strategic because we were trying to build a consistent and repeatable process for how to add additional embedded ERP payment solutions in the future. "
Jonathan Cooper, VP of Engineering, Versapay

Challenges that led Versapay to choose 1ClickFactory

Challenges identified:

  • Versapay was under a very tight deadline to meet Microsoft's expectations.
  • Versapay wanted to use the Business Central solution as a blueprint however did not have resources in-house fluent in both AL and X++.

The 1ClickFactory team's discovery phase included:

  • Reviewing the user and implementation guide.
  • Examining the Business Central code.
  • Creating the functional design document from the existing product.

Jonathan found this was "immensely helpful as that tool helped us to scope the rest of the project and allowed us to move forward with confidence."

For Versapay the magnitude of the work, a lack of resources, and a tight deadline were all factors in their decision to move forward with 1ClickFactory. According to Meredith A. Mitchell, they "would have never met the deadlines without the organization and resources 1ClickFactory dedicated to the project".

How did Versapay evaluate working with 1ClickFactory?

Delivery speed. Jonathan Cooper emphasizes that “although the project had a very tight deadline, 1ClickFactory's focus on getting the minimum viable product to the market was extremely impressive. We were pleasantly surprised by the speed with which it came together!

Communication and Project Management. Meredith A. Mitchell describes communication and project management as “great, clear, with everything extremely well documented. We always knew where we were in the project, and how many hours we had left. There was minimal management work on our side to make sure that the project was moving along.”

Quality. ln Meredith A. Mitchell's words, Versapay was “constantly impressed by how much work the 1ClickFactory team was getting done and the process they used while working. ln the status calls held every Monday morning, there was rarely any bad news. It was one of those rare projects that always had an overall green light status. These calls got our weeks off to a great start just by hearing the progress that the team was making and that things were on track. We've enjoyed being a part of this project." - Meredith A. Mitchell

Project estimation exceeded Versapay's expectations

No matter the size or budget, estimating a project is an essential task. Every business wants to know how much it will cost and how long it will take. ln this project, 1ClickFactory's estimate surprised Versapay with its extreme accuracy. “We think that especially for a large project like this, one of the concerns that we always have is that the estimate is going to be way off. However, in this case, it was so accurate and we couldn't be happier about it," shares Jonathan Cooper.

The solution was uploaded for Microsoft validation two days before the deadline, proving to Versapay how much the 1ClickFactory Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management team devoted themselves to this project, and did everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What benefits did Versapay experience while working with 1ClickFactory?

According to Meredith A. Mitchell, they were most impressed with the 1ClickFactory team being “very capable, well-organized, smart, friendly, and easy to work with. Every one of them can be called an all-star." 1ClickFactory's knowledge and resources were used perfectly to exceed the expectations set for every stage of the project.

Meredith also added that they "would highly recommend 1ClickFactory to others. The project was extremely well-managed and delivered on time and in good quality. It was a huge project, and you would rarely get through a project like this without, frankly, more hiccups or issues that we didn't run into".



Key benefits of working with 1ClickFactory


High professionalism and  experience

High professionalism and  experience

A knowledgeable and helpful partner

A knowledgeable and helpful partner

Excellent problem solving

Excellent problem solving

Quality project management and communication

Quality project management and communication

Great delivery speed

Great delivery speed


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