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Audio-Technica is a worldwide audio equipment distribution company that covers the whole EMEA region and is devoted to the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of problem-solving audio equipment. With two main warehouses – one in the United Kingdom and the other in the Netherlands, Audio-Technica provides high quality services and exceptional value for customers around the world.  

According to AudioTechnica, their business is “more entrepreneurial, therefore, with our expertise and management support, it‘s easier to look into issues that are affecting the business and we can come up with the best solutions together and efficiently include them in the process.

What Encouraged Audio-Technica to Start a Migration Journey from AX2012 to Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management with a BestPath Assessment?

One of the main reasons why Audio-Technica chose to proceed with the BestPath Assessment was that they had a lot of modifications in their AX2012 solution. Therefore, it was important for Audio-Technica to understand how much effort would be required to get these modifications into Dynamics 365. Plus, it was important to understand which of the modifications would fall by the wayside and would not be viably transferred. Every BestPath Assessment customer receives a comprehensive solution analysis, which details the optimal approach and the most cost-effective way to upgrade, so it was an easy decision for Audio-Technica to choose 1ClickFactory’s Best Path Assessment.

There are major differences in integration technologies between AX2012 and Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management systems. For this reason, existing integrations must be analyzed and the possible solutions for existing integrations must be discussed. Therefore, going through the sessions together with the 1ClickFactory team was very efficient.

Audio-Technica was able to delve deep into the main issues that the 1ClickFactory team found during the solution analysis. The BestPath Assessment made a huge impact on the success of the project as it helped our customer to assess modifications and see that some of them were still valid and are still required when moving to Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management.

What Value does a BestPath Assessment Provide? 

 “The main reason why it was worth choosing the Dynamics Migration Program was that we were able to access an independent party that provided an in-depth solution analysis. We trust our Dynamics Partner implicitly in terms of the amount of effort and hours that they are willing to spend,” emphasizes the customer.

During the BestPath Assessment, Audio-Technica was provided with the exact time, effort and cost that would be required for a successful upgrade. It allowed them to plan everything in a much better way in order to meet specific deadlines. Audio-Technica was introduced to the whole upgrade process and received a full solution analysis in advance, along with an attractive price that made choosing the BestPath Assessment even more worthwhile.

“Working with the 1ClickFactory team was a knowledgeable, efficient and eye-opening experience throughout the whole process of migrating to Dynamics 365. I would recommend the BestPath Assessment to all Dynamics AX customers who are considering moving their on-premises solution to Dynamics 365 because it’s worthwhile with attractive pricing plus it provides an independent view of the analysis in advance which helps to understand what is needed in order to upgrade.“  - shares AudioTechnica team.

There is no better option for Dynamics AX customers to move their on-premises solution to the cloud than starting with a BestPath Assessment from 1ClickFactory.  

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