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Orango is a consultancy company based in Sweden and is part of the Fellowmind family - one of the largest consultancy firms working on the Microsoft business platform. It is a company of 1,250 fellows, distributed throughout Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. Orango’s aim is to make sure that other companies are completely supported to reach their maximum potential. What I love the most about our business is that we have a great and devoted team that values our customers. I am truly happy about everything that we can do for them to ensure that they are fully assisted. I want to be able to find the solutions that can benefit both our customers and our employees as part of our mission is to do what we can to satisfy our customers,” shares Martin Cederbom, Industry Manager at Orango AB.

Given this vision, Orango is constantly looking for ways to change the industry, lead the market and enable its employees and customers to flourish. While striving to ensure that the customer transition to the newest version of Dynamics 365 was smooth, efficient and pain-free, Orango decided that 1ClickFactory’s BestPath Assessment was the perfect tool to achieve this.  

Why did Orango decide to transition from AX 2009/AX2012 to Dynamics 365 with a BestPath Assessment?

Most of what Orango does in Enterprise segment is based on the Annata 365 solution, which is an industry specific management solution targeting the Automotive and Equipment industries. It integrates with and leverages the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management. Orango’s customers run the Annata 365 platform, so it was essential to obtain a thorough assessment of their older AX versions (2009 and 2012) together with an analysis of the Annata solution, to understand the changes and new features available for moving to Dynamics 365. Keeping up with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics is often a struggle. Therefore, it was no surprise when Orango’s customers faced this struggle again when considering how to smoothly transition from an older version of Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Supply Change Management to the new era of Cloud technology. Ensuring a smooth transition is important to Orango and to achieve this, it was important to know what to expect throughout the upgrade project process and how to best approach the transition to avoid surprises and ensure a successful upgrade. That’s exactly why Orango chose 1ClickFactory’s BestPath Assessment. 

The value of a reliable solution analysis prior to a Dynamics 365 upgrade

Orango had been creating tools and measures for upgrades by themselves as it was a good way of moving forward. However, it was difficult to keep up with the latest Dynamics 365 features being added, and why build what you can buy off the shelf? Therefore, Orango chose to go directly to 1ClickFactory to obtain a structured way to move forward based on their customer’s solution, to gain an understanding of the whole upgrade process and to determine the likely outcome of the upgrade in advance. Also, the fact that 1ClickFactory could provide an attractive fixed price for the project was valuable to both Orango and the end customer. It isn't cheap to do these upgrades, so making the cost transparent for the customer and showing the complexity of the project upfront, provided Orango with confidence in using the BestPath Assessment.

The 1ClickFactory’s BestPath Assessment for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management helps both the Dynamics Partner and its customers to:

  • Save time by using a structured approach
  • Gain more visibility into project complexity
  • Reduce the potential risks by keeping the best customizations
  • Receive a well-defined path moving forward
  • Achieve a fixed price for the upgrade project

“We were able to obtain actual figures and a fixed cost in advance of the project, what’s more, we received an assessment that detailed the best path for the upgrade. We were well-informed about what the structure would be, what we needed to do, and how we could best move forward.

I would recommend a BestPath Assessment to everyone who is considering moving their old AX version to the new Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management. For Dynamics Partners, it is useful as we can have a secure, safe, and knowledge-based process on how the upgrade should be going. For customers, they can benefit from the investment they have already put into the product while taking advantage of the newest and coolest things provided by the cloud.”

Martin Cederbom Orango

Martin Cederbom, Industry Manager at Orango AB  

“It’s fun and easy to work with 1ClickFactory and we make a great collaborative team. During all the years we have been working together, we have created a pretty strong relationship. They are a structured, hard-working, knowledgeable and well-executed team – it has been a great pleasure working with 1ClickFactory on the solution analysis with BestPath Assessment!”

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