PrintVis' experience with self-provisioning NAV/Business Central on Azure


PrintVis is a global vertical ISV focusing entirely on the printing and packaging industry. With the 1ClickFactory Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central on Azure self-provisioning service, PrintVis can focus on their own solution in multi-tenant environments in a number of different locations instead of spending time hosting.

“We started quite early with deploying customers in the cloud. In the beginning we were doing the hosting-related work ourselves but when we started to receive more cloud customers, we understood that this is not the way to go. Our business is to do vertical solutions and we need to leave the hosting for somebody else. We started to look for somebody to help us out with that and ended up partnering with 1ClickFactory.”

-- Kasper Tomshøj, CEO at PrintVis

Watch the video to find out why PrintVis has chosen 1ClickFactory as their partner for hosting and what is the major value from using the service.

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