Date: April 2020.

Program Overview

This program is designed to acknowledge our appreciation and reward 1ClickFactory partners who have demonstrated business loyalty and commitment for a strategic collaboration which has resulted in substantial business outcomes.

Partner Eligibility

To be selected for the 1ClickFactory Partner Loyalty & Appreciation Program for the Click to Future (All-star) partner status and to become eligible for the associated rewards and benefits, a partner must meet the following criteria:

  • The partner has developed a strategic partnership with 1ClickFactory by repeatedly purchasing 1ClickFactory software services, which has resulted in the generation of minimum revenue of €250 000, within the last 2 years, and
  • The partner has shown a clear intent for long-term strategic cooperation with 1ClickFactory.

For the Rising Star status in the program 1ClickFactory partners are selected who, through their continued partnership with 1ClickFactory, have proved their strong loyalty, and/or who act as 1ClickFactory brand ambassadors sharing a positive message about our company and its services in the Microsoft Dynamics partners ecosystem. To progress to the highest – Click to Future (All-Star) – partner status, a Rising Star partner must meet the above defined qualifying criteria.

Selection Process, Terms, Extensions, and Termination

Acquiring a 1ClickFactory Partner Loyalty & Appreciation Program membership is only possible with an invitation from 1ClickFactory. The program member selection process, following the eligibility criteria described above, happens twice a year – before May 1 and November 1 each year.

The Appreciation & Loyalty Program begins on May 1, 2020 and is designed as a long-term program with a possibility for 1ClickFactory to review and adjust the content of the program (including program benefits) by the end of each program year. The end of program year is defined as April 30. 

By the end of each program year, 1ClickFactory will re-evaluate each Loyalty & Appreciation program partner and review whether the required program eligibility criteria are still being met. This will determine whether 1ClickFactory extends or terminates the partner’s membership for the following year.

1ClickFactory reserves the right to modify or cancel the Appreciation & Loyalty Program, including applicable terms and conditions at any time.

Loyalty & Appreciation Program Member Rewards and Benefits

Please visit this page to learn about the currently active benefits for the program partners.

The Loyalty & Appreciation Program rewards and benefits have no cash value and are non-transferable to other companies or future projects or services.

Other Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in 1ClickFactory Partner Loyalty & Appreciation Program a partner grants 1ClickFactory permission to use its name and logo for the purposes of this program.

Neither the participation in the 1ClickFactory Partner Loyalty & Appreciation Program nor termination thereof replaces or terminates any agreement existing between 1ClickFactory and a partner (for example, Software Service Delivery Agreement, Terms of Service etc.). 

Rewards and benefits pertaining to specific 1ClickFactory services or tools and any matters in connection thereof will be governed by the agreement applicable to such services or tools (for example, one additional month of warranty for upgrade and development services will be governed by the Software Service Delivery Agreement, including General Terms and Conditions, entered into by 1ClickFactory and a partner).

Rewards and benefits that are non-service related are provided on “as is” basis, without warranties, representations, conditions, or liabilities, whether implied or express, of any kind. Collection and processing of personal data by 1ClickFactory is subject to the 1ClickFactory Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement.

Any matters related to or in connection with the 1ClickFactory Partner Loyalty & Appreciation Program that are not already governed by any other agreement between 1ClickFactory and a partner will be subject to the latest version of 1ClickFactory Terms of Service or General Terms and Conditions, as applicable.