Always Be Up-to-Date with Upgrades on Subscription

With annual Microsoft release cycles, your customers’ Dynamics 365/NAV solutions quickly become outdated. With 1ClickFactory Upgrade Subscription for NAV, you will keep your customers always up to date on the latest technology and with the latest functionality. It is a service for a fixed monthly price that fits nicely with the annual Dynamics 365/NAV release cycles and aligns, especially, with Microsoft Dynamics 365/NAV on a monthly subscription

Why use 1ClickFactory Upgrade Subscription for Dynamics 365/NAV?

  • Stay one step ahead: Always keep your customers up-to-date on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365/NAV with the newest features available to stay one step ahead of your competition.
  • Move to a fixed monthly price & predictable expense: Customers can easily budget their upgrade costs with fixed monthly pricing for a monthly business expense instead of a capital cost.
  • Minimize complexity of the upgrade project: Cyclical small upgrades keep Dynamics 365/NAV running smoothly and efficiently with little solution downtime per upgrade.
  • Increase the ROI of ERP: Get the most out of your customers’ ERP Systems and Business Ready Enhancement Plans (BREPs) with 1ClickFactory Upgrade Subscription for Dynamics 365/NAV.
  • Enjoy all-in-one ERP on subscription: Purchase all Dynamics 365/NAV components, like Dynamics 365/NAV subscription licenses, upgrade subscription, 24/7 application support and more from a single resource – 1ClickFactory.
  • Upgrade at Your Pace: Partners can decide with their customers which version of Dynamics 365/NAV to upgrade to if there have been several releases from Microsoft since the last upgrade.

Read this blog post to learn more: Upgrade Subscription: Best Fit for Dynamics Market Moving Towards a Subscription Model

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“After we embedded 1ClickFactory Upgrade Subscription model into our business, we now have a clear strategy for maintaining our customers’ applications into the future. Upgrade Subscription helps us to preserve our existing customers as they can enjoy the latest technologies through small and more affordable upgrades. Now we can enjoy happy customers and predictable recurring revenue from upgrade service subscriptions.”
-- Per Jorlind, Sales Director at Itero

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