Easy and Efficient C5 Transformation for Your Customer Retention

Easily migrate Microsoft Dynamics C5 applications to Dynamics NAV with 1ClickFactory Data Transformation C5 to NAV. The service performs standard fields mapping and data transformation from Dynamics C5 to Dynamics NAV quickly, securely and efficiently.

Why use 1ClickFactory Data Transformation from C5 to NAV?

  • Stay on the Same ERP Platform: Keep your Dynamics C5 customers on the same ERP platform throughout the transition while decreasing their desire to shop around for an alternative solution.
  • Save Time & Resources: Use our transformation service and transform data more cost effective, time efficient and less resource-reliant than doing it yourself.
  • Enjoy Diverse C5 Transformation Options: Perform transformations from almost any Dynamics C5 version or localization, including Microsoft Dynamics C5 2008, Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics C5 2012 to Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 or NAV 2015 and NAV 2016.
  • Even Move Your Customizations: Leverage 1ClickFactory Data Transformation C5 to NAV to map customized fields in Dynamics C5 to move them onto Dynamics NAV as well.
  • Reduce Risk with Fixed Pricing: Our service is for a fixed price to reduce risks and help you easier manage costs.
  • Enjoy Service Flexibility: Easily transform customized data and revisit/update data before the final transformation to Dynamics NAV.  Flexibly upload data twice, transform data as many times as needed, and review data transformation with adjustable mapping at any time.

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Are You a Dynamics NAV Customer? 1ClickFactory works directly through Microsoft Partners only. To purchase 1ClickFactory Data Transformation from C5 to NAV, please contacts us at service@1clickfactory.com and we’ll reach you and your Partner with guidance on how to enroll.  

Useful materials

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