Learn the new Dynamics AX in a few days instead of a few weeks

Target audience: AX Developers and Technical Consultants with AX 2012 experience.

Format: 4 online sessions (4 hours each, usually starting every day at 11 am UTC).

In this workshop you’ll get a clear overview of the new features in the new Dynamics AX from a development perspective.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

AX & Cloud architecture
  • Visual studio
  • Cross platform client
  • Power BI


Application architecture changes
  • Application Suite
  • Application foundation
  • Application platform


Overview of LCS Monitoring & Diagnostics Tools
  • System Diagnostics
  • Issue Search
  • Cloud Powered Support
  • Crash Dump Analysis
  • Updates
  • Form types
  • Patterns and sub-patterns
  • Form modes
  • Statistics and new Visual studio form tools
  • Controls
Server architecture
  • Data access layer
  • Forms Engine
  • Data entities
Development in Visual studio
  • Visual Studio UI
  • AX 7 Menu
  • Models, over-layering and extensions
  • Code Editor
  • Visual Studio UI
  • AX 7 Menu
  • Models, over layering and extensions
  • Code Editor
  • Location of the model and file structure
  • Model Wizard
  • Project create new export import
  • Add element, modify element, build and deploy
  • Resources
Monitoring with LCS
  • Activity Timeline
  • User, Activity Load, User Activity Tree
  • Performance counters and thresholds
Menus and Items
New in Data dictionary
  • Enums
  • EDT
  • Tables and Indexes
  • Queries
  • Best practices
AX ETW Events schema and structure
  • Using Raw Logs
  • New class view
  • Code, keywords, operators, variable declarations
  • Comparison tool
  • Best practices
Performance Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring performance and reliability, trace parser
  • Build and debugging object code in VS

Join the upcoming open classes (online) on February 13th , 2017.