1ClickFactory’s BestPath Assessment will provide you with more visibility into your Dynamics AX upgrade project complexity and help you make informed decisions as to which upgrade tactic (upgrade, re-implementation, or a mix) is the most beneficial tactic for your customer to move to the new Dynamics AX version.

Why should you choose BestPath Assessment?

  • Get your customer’s solution analysis driven recommendations about which tactic (upgrade, re-implementation or a mix) is the least problematic and the most cost-effective way to move your customer AX solution to the new version.
  • Receive a clear plan (including the Partner, Customer and 1ClickFactory roles and tasks in the project) for the project execution.
  • Get more visibility into your customer solution complexity to better manage the project’s risks and avoid costly mistakes.

The BestPath Assessment consists of:

  • The initial project assessment
  • A workshop with a Partner to analyze the customer solution
  • A solution re-assessment and recommendations for the most beneficial path (upgrade, re-implementation or a mix).
  • Project plan preparation.

How to start?

Please contact your 1ClickFactory local office or request a consultation with our AX specialist.

Useful materials

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Service Description for 1ClickFactory BestPath Assessment (Last edited: 1 May, 2017).pdf Download