Are your customers running on SiteCore solutions that are old, and they would like access to the new possibilities in new versions? Are you stopping yourself from upgrading the customers because of the cost, complexity or lack of development capacity?  We have a solution for you! Whether the solution is an upgrade of all SiteCore functionality, including external components, a part upgrade, or a re-implementation; we can help you tailor the upgrade offering to your customer. 


In order to reduce your risk of outsourcing Sitecore upgrade work, we have incorporated the following benefits into our upgrade offering:

  • FREE Upgrade Assessment: We prepare the markets most professional and informative upgrade proposal. Our proposal has a fixed price that eliminates your economic risk.
  • FREE access to sales support to answer any questions related to our proposal
  • Many years of experience in working with Sitecore solutions, from small to very large sites, and 1ClickFactorys Sitecore Upgrade Methodology ensuring quality deliverables.

As a result of the service, 1ClickFactory will deliver:

  • Code upgrade, which includes that the solution is upgraded to the latest version of SiteCore and a list of potential improvements and optimization that can be made to the solution
  • Data upgrade:  Core and Master databases